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Amayehli: A Story of America

A heroic and epic novel about our country and its future.


Amayehli is a story of America set in the not so distant future. It is a story of the American people who sudddenly find themselves having to fight for the fundamental freedoms that they have always cherished and often taken for granted. It is a story of treachery, espionage, treason, tragic loss, and tremendous valor by the diverse people who are proud to call themselves Americans. Ultimately, it is a story of people who risk everything for liberty.





December 2019


The dawn seemed painfully slow in coming this winter morning, as if it too was reluctant to witness the carnage which was about to take place. The rising sun finally brought light, but little warmth, to the weary Chinese soldiers and their Iranian and Syrian allies manning their ragged defense lines. The snow was falling heavily, adding to the thick white blanket that already covered the mountains and bent the branches of majestic old trees toward the ground. The soldiers shivered in the frosty morning air, as did their adversaries poised in the mountains above them, but the Chinese and Middle Eastern troops shivered even more from pure fear; the fear that the great breakout was about to occur with their massive army beaten and sent reeling to the sea. Their positions had been pounded relentlessly for hours by artillery that they had not even known that their enemy possessed in large numbers. Now they wondered what else they didn’t know about and were not prepared for.

     The Chinese led occupying forces had faced these people in the mountains all too often over the past six years and they knew of their determination and ferocity. The clashes had first occurred when there were only small roving bands of ill-equipped and poorly armed guerillas to contend with. Then gradually these same guerillas had formed themselves into companies and battalions and finally into an army of deadly rebels. Nothing appeared to faze them; not death, not torture, not deprivation. They fought for something that had rarely been truly seen on this planet called Earth, and something that their adversaries had been trained to hate and yet failed to comprehend; they fought for freedom.

     These rebels had fought skirmish after skirmish with the Chinese and their allies, small fights initially, and then larger engagements that soon turned into full-scale battles. Now, for the first time, it was the soldiers of the occupying army, the current “masters of the universe” who were on the defensive and faced with possible defeat. With a breakout from its refuge in the Great Smoky Mountains, the largest of all of the rebel armies could link up with other guerilla forces operating all over the United States and Canada. If they succeeded, then the grand design of the occupation forces that thought they could control the entire world would be shattered. Global conquest would be relegated to the status of a myth, unachievable when there were people who truly loved liberty and were willing to fight and die for it.

    Who were these people anyway? Their oppressors had been told that they were a decadent people who had abandoned their God and sought only material comfort. They were supposed to believe in nothing. Yet here they came once again, as they had been against the British in 1776 and the Nazis and Japanese in the 1940s.

It was now five minutes after dawn, and the very mountains trembled as the booted feet of over three hundred thousand men and women began to move. Freedom had again become a possibility in America.


Reader Reviews:

"The first two chapters are the set up of the story and characters, then it begins to move. With each chapter the pace picks up until at the end you can not put it down. very enjoyable, well written, and a unique and different story.Liked the details. The story took several surprize twists and directions.It is a good adventure story but my wife enjoyed it as well and stayed up until 2am to finish it. I highly recommend it. In fact, we are buying several copies for Christmas presents. We got this book because we had already read the "Ghosts of Philmont Ranch" (boy scout ranch) by this same author.Liked it so much we gave copies to 6 local Eagle Scouts and two local Boy Scout troops." (Robert Peden, Hondo, Texas)

" While the book puts forth a real sense of where our nation is headed it is a great read. The book is impossible to put down and it will take you on an emotional journey as well as the ability to teach you that we will overcome most obstacles that are placed before us as a nation. This is a must read for all patriotic Americans." (A. Daye, Houma, Louisiana)

"This novel is a must read for those wondering what can happen if the United States suddenly ceases to exist as a country and is conquered by foreign powers. The author seems to be writing about something that is happening tomorrow and how Americans rise up to fight back. Mr. Connelly has a wonderful imagination, or is the whole novel a premonition? The novel is frightening, sometimes surreal, but always entertaining. I couldn't put it down and when I was finished I was in tears and wanted to stand up and cheer."

"Excellent story - fiction now, but who knows if it will remain fiction.  I heard the author speak, and he is outstanding"

"This book was such a pleasant surprise. Not at all what I was expecting from
this author. Very thought provoking. I laughed, I cried, I swelled with pride.
Would that we could live in such a United country. This should be required
reading in China and every other country that seeks to dominate or annihilate
us. We won't go quietly into the night. The sleeper will awaken. One of the best
books I've read in a long time."

"I didn't know if I would like this book but it was a great read. I recommend it
to everyone."

"Amayehli is one of my favorite books. Exciting from the first page, couldn't put
it down. The author lays the foundation for the story on a real perception of
the direction America is heading which makes the whole idea seem very plausible. Full of action and suspense, this book will hold your interest."

Editorial Review:

It is an honor to be asked to write a brief comment on Michael Connelly’s novel AMAYEHLI a Story of America.  I found it hard to put down with parallels to today’s potentials either from outside powers or even internal powers.  An obvious correlation to any invaded country and the forming of an underground movement to take back their country and way of life.  Blessed by being born in the world’s most wonderful country AMAYEHLI opens the imagination to the question of “what if”?  AMAYEHLI is a thought provoking read from Michael Connelly.

David Moxley


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