I am available for a number of different freelance writing projects. For more information about me see the resume' below and feel free to contact me about your projects.







· Diploma, Redemptorist High School in New Orleans, La. 1966.

· Bachelor of Science, Business and Public Administration, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge,

   (Degree required numerous political science and business courses. Many history and public speaking courses were taken as electives.) 1971

· Juris Doctorate, Louisiana State University Law School, 1973.

· Graduate, U.S. Army Intelligence School, Fort Huachuca, Arizona, 1973.






· Commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant in the U.S. Army Reserve, 1971.

· Active duty at the U.S. Army Intelligence School from Sept. 1973- Nov. 1973.

· Assigned to reserve duty with 352nd Army Security Agency company in Baton Rouge from Jan 1974 until Aug. 1978. (Served as Supply officer, Operations officer, and Recruiting officer.)

· Left the reserves in 1978 as a Captain.




· Licensed attorney in Baton Rouge, La. since 1973.

· Qualified to practice before all Louisiana State and Federal Courts and the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.

· I have also represented clients before the U.S. Supreme Court.

· Areas of practice include Constitutional Law, Personal Injury Law, Criminal Law, Family Law, Business Law, Medical Malpractice and Successions.

· Special assistant attorney general for the State of Louisiana, 1977-80.

· Of Counsel for U.S. Justice Foundation, 1980-98.

· General Counsel, Council for Inter-American Security, 1978-95.

· Still licensed, but inactive since 2001.




· Part Time Real Estate consultant for McNichol & Connelly, Dallas, TX. (Duties included preparation of Market & Financial Feasibility studies, locating real estate for various projects, brokering loans, and locating potential investors.) 1997 - 1999           




· Have appeared as a guest lecturer at both LSU and University of New Orleans.

· Substitute high school teacher for East Baton Rouge Parish School System, Sept. 1998-Jan. 2000.

· Temporary full time teacher of World Geography, Woodlawn High School, Baton Rouge, La., 1998-99.




· Authored, “Riders in the Sky: The Ghosts and Legends of Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico”, published by Merril Press in Aug 2001, "The Mortarmen", published by Trafford Press in April 2005, : "Amayehli: A Story of America",Traford Press, 2010 and "Aneria's Livliest Ghosts" Ghost Research Society Press, 2011.

· Authored the true story, “Winds of Merit” which was the basis for a television documentary segment on the show “Storm Warning” shown extensively on both the Discovery Channel and The Learning Channel.

· Authored numerous published articles on politics, law, and scouting as well as many “keyword” articles for various companies.

· Contributor to the book, “Intruder in Your Home” by Ronald L. Cruit, published by Stein and Day, 1983

· Frequent speaker before civic groups and guest on radio and television talk shows (both local and national) on various political and legal subjects.

· Frequent speaker before school groups on Native American Heritage.

· Editor and Publisher of an award winning independent campus newspaper while at LSU.

· Co-host of a weekly radio talk show while at LSU.