America's Liveliest Ghosts


            Come along with Michael Connelly as he travels across the lower half of the United States in search of some of America’s most haunted locations. You’ll meet the spirits that haunt hotels, houses, restaurants, saloons, forts, battlefields, and graveyards in places like San Antonio, New Orleans, Natchez, and Savannah. You’ll also be taken to more remote locations like the Arizona desert, Calico, CA, Bandera, TX, and Tombstone, AZ.

            You will meet the ghosts of American heroes like Teddy Roosevelt and the famous Texan, Colonel James Fannin. You’ll also find out about encounters with the spirits of colorful characters like Governor Huey Long of Louisiana, Big Nose Kate, the fallen dove and girlfriend of Doc Holliday of Tombstone, and the infamous Voodoo Queen of New Orleans, Marie Laveau.

            You will be introduced to the spirits of those who died tragic deaths like the American soldiers killed by the British during the Battle of Savannah, and to the gentle sisters of the Berclair Mansion in Texas, who died peacefully, but refuse to leave their ornate estate. You’ll get to know the spirits of sailors, pirates, soldiers, cowboys, Indians, miners, saloon girls, politicians, and just ordinary citizens who, though deceased, still walk among us. Come onboard and enjoy the ride. 

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I couldn't put this book down it was so interesting and had me enthralled with what I was going to learn about the next ghost. Really enjoyed the stories of the Bird Cage but you have to read it to find out why. Great pictures, amazing personal discoveries. It was not a long hard to read book but one I could breeze through easily.

He is a well rounded writer with different interests which he writes about and makes me wonder when is the next one coming out? Will have to go and read his other books now that I've been captivated. Definitely would recommend this to you and perhaps for gifts if you know of people interested in this sort of thing. A friend of mine is going to New Orleans, with her daughter, on a ghost tour, and I recommended that she reads up on the ghosts before making the trip especially knowing the history of the ghosts, which is fascinating.


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A trip to some of America's most haunted locations.