As we wait for the Obama Administration and the Democratic leadership in Congress to make their next moves to force unconstitutional legislation like “Health Care Reform” and “Cap and Trade” down the throats of Americans there are other battles dealing with our Constitutional liberties that need to be addressed. Many of these assaults on our Constitution, our traditions, and even our history are occurring at the local and state levels and in our educational institutions.

            It is most often being done under the guise of “political correctness” a movement that has rapidly evolved from trying to encourage individuals to be more polite to each other and more sensitive to the use of language that might offend someone to an attempt by the far left to control the speech, thoughts, and actions of the American people. These blatant attempts to turn us into unthinking drones who only parrot the ideas that are deemed correct by the PC movement are aimed almost entirely at those who support the American way of life and the freedoms that most of us cherish. The effort has proven to be far reaching with PC edicts being enforced not only on public property but in private areas such as business offices and even homes.

            Some of the more recent examples include:

            A pastor and his wife in San Diego County, California were ordered by the county to stop inviting friends to their home to have dinner and engage in Bible study unless they pay thousands of dollars to the government for a permit to hold a “religious assembly”. It should be noted that the school district in this same county has set aside special times during the school day for Muslim students to engage in prayer on school property. No students of any other religions are granted the same privileges.

            In May of 2009 a woman who worked in a hospital in Mansfield, Texas proudly put up an American flag in her office prior to Memorial Day in order to honor the service of her husband and two sons who had served in the U.S. military and her daughter that was currently serving in Iraq as a combat medic. However, the flag did not stay up long because when she came into work one morning she found that the flag had been removed, wrapped around its pole, and unceremoniously tossed onto the floor in a corner.

            The lady in question, Debbie McLucas, learned that the flag had been declared offensive by another woman who worked in the office, an immigrant from Africa, and therefore the hospital had ordered it removed. When the media picked up on the story the hospital responded to the public outcry by letting Mrs. McLucas put the flag back up.

            During that same week a disabled Marine and a veteran of the Vietnam War was ordered by the President of the Homeowners Association where he lived to remove bumper stickers form his car that supported the Marine Corps. They were deemed to be “unacceptable advertising” and he was told that if they were not removed his car would be towed and he would be fined for any further displays.

            There are many more examples of this type of action around the country yet they almost pale in comparison to what is happening in our institutions of public education from elementary schools to universities. The so called “progressives” have taken almost complete control of many of our schools and are enforcing their version of political correctness on students and teachers and even trying to rewrite textbooks to alter American history to make it more politically correct.

            One of the most extreme examples involves a battle in the State of Texas where the 15 member Texas State Board of Education is currently considering changes to the American history textbooks used in the public schools. These same textbooks will be used not just in Texas, but in school districts throughout the United States. Radical left wing organizations such as the Texas Freedom Network, which is the state affiliate of the People for the American Way, and other similar groups, are demanding that all mention of American heroes like Nathan Hale, Daniel Boone, and General George Patton be removed from the history books.

            They are also insisting that any references to Columbus Day, Independence Day, and Christmas be removed. Other actions include replacing the term American with “global citizen” and replacing the reference to “expansionism and free enterprise” with “imperialism and capitalism’. In fact, many of the changes are designed to portray the United States as an evil force in the world. However, as outrageous as this is, the demands go even further. The progressives actually want to rewrite some of our most revered documents to make them politically correct. For example, has been proposed that the wording of the Declaration of Independence be altered.

            According to Mat Staver, founder of the Liberty Council, one of the most important portions of the Declaration will be eliminated in these textbooks. The section that states: “We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life liberty and the pursuit of happiness” will be changed by removing everything in that sentence following the phrase “that all men or created equal”. In other words, American school children are to be prohibited from reading any reference to our “Creator” in the Declaration of Independence. As I write this article, the vote by the board is considered too close to call.

            Of course, these efforts to serve up political propaganda to our students in the public schools is exactly in line with what has been happening for years in many of our institutions of higher education. Many universities have managed to eliminate most professors who do not adhere entirely to progressive ideas being promoted on the campuses. There are a growing number of cases where universities are attempting to force groups of Christian or politically conservative students off of the campus entirely.

            In addition, left wing professors are openly attacking students in the classrooms who profess beliefs contrary to the beliefs espoused by these so called educators. Students are either being forced to go along with the left wing ideology they are being fed or risk receiving failing grades and in some cases denied their hard earned diplomas. Nowhere is this more evident than in a recent action being considered by the administration at the University of Minnesota.

            The university has formed a “Race, Culture, Class, and Gender” Task Force that has proposed that any student applying to get an education degree from the university will be screened to make sure they comply with the political and ideological views of the Task Force that are of course far to the left of the mainstream of America. If it is found that students do not conform to these “politically correct” beliefs they will either be denied admission or forced to attend “remedial” education courses to correct their beliefs. If they still refuse to conform they will be denied a diploma. In other words, freedom of speech, thought, and action protected under the 1st Amendment of the U.S. Constitution will be officially eliminated at this taxpayer funded institution. If this takes hold I suppose we can all look forward to the “reeducation camps” that have always been a way that communist countries dealt with those who disagreed with the established order.

            It is time for Americans to stand up and proclaim that we are not willing to let our Constitution die for the sake of political correctness or any other catch phrase that will deny us the liberties that the members of our military have fought and died to defend for so many years. Our fight for the preservation of our heritage of freedom does not begin or end in the halls of Congress or the confines of Washington D.C. It must be fought in the State Legislatures, in the City Councils, and even in the local school boards. It is a fight we can’t afford to lose. It must be fought for our sake and those of our children.

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This is very useful to me. I'm glad I found this blog. Thank you for your share with us, I always learn new things from your post! It will provide great idea.

Michael, thanks so much for your continuing efforts to present current events in a light that we will never see in the media. Even our legislators fail to keep us informed on matters that should be public. I love what you have to say and I hope we can turn this country back around. Tea parties seem to be the only way to send a strong enough message, the two party system is obviously failing us all.

Ed, to those of us who are willing to become slaves with no rights or protection by virtue of such abrogation, I say go for it, I will always need yardwork. Your life, your choice.

To the rest of us who are not willing, who are excepting of God-given rights to freedom as expressed by our fore-fathers, I say "howdy neighbor!"

So, Ed, you have three recourses: You can lead; you can follow; or you can get the heck out of the way for those choosing the one of the other actions.

Which does your post espouse? I think you are the passerby get-out-of-the-way type and give you thumbs down on your protest sign.

Perhaps we would do well to recognize the Constitution as a legal contract among several states. A contract is only binding on contractors and not their descendants. If a contract is abrogated by any party to it, it is no longer binding on any other contractors, except the remaining contractors agree to be bound by it. Who among us have agreed to be bound by it? Even the oath of allegiance does not include such an agreement. Does this help us understand why the Constitution cannot be argued in the maritime courts. We are a lawless nation in obedience to criminals.

I am dismayed at the efforts of our enemies to destroy our freedom that has been purchased at the cost of the blood of countless patriots over our history. If we don't get cracking, it will all be lost. I see the Republicans rubbing their hands and licking their lips in anticipation of this year's elections. What I don't see much is talk by these politicians of bringing our country back into line with the Constitution. We must elect good men and women with the necessary skills and abilities to do the job who are committed to restoring our constitutional government and protecting our God-given rights.
Carol, I don't believe there are many lawyers who really understand the Constitution. Most of the legislators who are ignoring and destroying it are lawyers. Thanks for your post, Michael.

Once again, thank you for being the voice of truth and reason.

The Constitution has been eroded since at least the 1950's when they forced so-called "school desegregation" down our throats. This was a blatant violation of the Constitution's "Freedom of Association" clause in the First Amendment.

There are many instances of de facto "segregation" in the country that are not attacked, such as the Chinese and Vietnamese only schools and day cares, and even whole towns that are "Orthodox Jews only," such as New Square, New York.

Now I don't begrudge the Vietnamese or the Jews their freedom of association, but I think we need to have this freedom as well in order to pursue the unique destiny of the diverse European-American peoples without busybodies shoving "multiculturalism" down our throats.

I reposted this entry over at www.occidentaldissent.com hope to see you over there!

I am so glad that you are posting information that ties directly to the constitution.

My question...why is it we do not hear from the legal side? Who is fighting directly to stop Obama and his gang of thugs? Who is educating our children (grass roots) and how can we do that as grandparents without alienating ourselves from our families?

We do need more backbone and must fight but our Republicans in office seem to be sitting back and not creatively forceful enough; few want to do the hard work by taking a stand.

Our Tea Parties are important too, it seems to me that educating us about our constitution as you are doing is the key to this fight; I just wish the lawyers would go to bat for us; they have the skills and training.

Thanks again for your blog.

About fifteen years ago, when dad went to work in his retirement as a tollbooth collector, he had to attend classes which were designed to make the new employees more "politically correct". We laughed hysterically at the thought of our old-school Sicilian father going to "charm school", as he jokingly called it. It's not so funny anymore.