As an officer in the Military Intelligence branch of the Army, I was trained to find out everything I could about the enemies of our country including their location, capabilities, probable tactics, and their strengths and weaknesses. This information was then provided to commanders in the field who determined the strategy and tactics to use to defeat them.

          Today’s Military Intelligence officers and field commanders are doing the same thing, but they have a major problem. The Commander in Chief of the U. S. military is the President of the United States who has no military experience, and has shown himself to have nothing but utter distain for the members of our military. He has refused to accept their recommendations on how to defeat Al Qaeda, the Taliban, and now ISIS.

          He doesn’t even go to most of the intelligence briefings that are prepared for his benefit, and has decided to take personal command of the fight against our most dangerous enemy yet, the brutal jihadists that make up ISIS. He has publicly promised the American people and the world that his purpose is to degrade and ultimately destroy ISIS, but will not allow our military to take the action necessary to accomplish either of those goals.

          By personally controlling the air campaign Obama has ordered very limited strikes, mostly at night, against vacant buildings, parked and empty vehicles, grain silos and a few oil fields. As a result, minimum damage has been done to both equipment and enemy capabilities, and the President seems to want to avoid killing ISIS soldiers.

          The air campaign has now been going on for 60 days, but less than 400 air strikes have actually been launched, and Obama has repeatedly assured the enemy that no American ground forces will be used against them. So we are averaging six air strikes per day; that are not even slowing down the jihadists forces. They continue to advance on Baghdad and will soon take the Syrian city of Kobani where the Kurds are fighting to keep the city from falling and prevent another ISIS massacre of innocent civilians who are not devoted to the Jihadists version of Islam.

          It is clear that the President has no intention of defeating or degrading ISIS. He has other priorities such as purging the American military of thousands of combat trained and ready U.S. citizen soldiers and replacing them with illegals that may not even speak English and have no loyalty to the country. He is also busy granting illegal amnesty to people that have broken our laws by crossing our border, which Obama has made sure is open to all comers, including gang members, potential terrorists, and children carrying diseases that are paralyzing and killing American children.

          Of course we can’t ignore his other priorities, such as assuring the American people that the beheading of a grandmother in Oklahoma by a recent convert to radical Islam was an act of “workplace violence” and not an act of terrorism by a member of a “peaceful religion.” Then there is his golf game, and attending fund raisers for Democrats in the fall election.

          All of this leads me to the conclusion that the so called ISIS strategy in one of defeat, but not of ISIS. It is designed to fail leaving Americans and people all over the world vulnerable to continuous attack. Obama is not acting as our Commander in Chief or even our President. In fact, we still have no idea who he really is.

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