I have been writing, speaking and doing radio interviews for months about what is happening to our military veterans who are systematically being robbed by the Veterans Administration of their Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms and their Fifth Amendment right to due process of law. I have talked to veterans all over the country and heard the horror stories, and as a result the United States Justice Foundation has already filed one suit against the VA and is in the process of raising the funds to file a second suit on behalf of individual veterans.

          I have put some of these stories on my blog and talked about them on my radio show. Now I am going to let you see the face of one of these veterans and hear him and his wife tell their story first hand. They are Pat and Sue Kirby. Pat is a decorated Vietnam veteran and what you will hear is absolutely true. We are working with Pat and many more veterans and their families to stop this atrocity being perpetrated by our own government on America’s heroes.

          The report you will see was prepared by Tim King and Jerry Freeman of the Salem News in Salem, Oregon. It has been posted on YouTube and been viewed thousands of time, but has once disappeared off of You Tube and then  put back up with the number of views reset to zero. The video speaks for itself so watch it and prepare to get very angry.


          If you are a veteran or know of any veteran who has had this happen to them contact us at www.usjf.net or email me at michael@usjfmail.net and we will try to help you at no charge.

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Thanks for info


the Veterans Administration of their Second Amendment, oh no....i like it..


by reading this article can add insight for me...!!!!


The article went into any military person who was diagnosed with PTSD would not be able to own or buy firearms,


I saw this coming several months ago, as I had received something either from a TEA Party group or other patriotic group from which I receive emails. The article went into any military person who was diagnosed with PTSD would not be able to own or buy firearms, and if they were determined to be incompetent, someone would be assigned to take care of their finances, and it didn't mention a family member, like a spouse. This is an outrage! I am so very thankful that you've posted this link and are doing something to help this brave veteran.
God bless you and guide you!
Ann Odom