In May of 2,000 I closed my law practice in Baton
Rouge, Louisiana after practicing for 27 years. I put myself on inactive status
with the Louisiana State Bar Association, meaning that as long as I was not
practicing law I would not have to pay Bar Association dues or take the yearly
Continuing Legal education courses. This was partially so I could devote more
time to taking care of my late wife who had suffered a massive stroke a few
years earlier and also because I was burned out fighting legal battles.
However, my specialty was Constitutional Law and I continued to keep up with
the important issues in that area. This ultimately led to the creation of my
blog on Constitutional Law and my talk radio show titled “Our Constitution” I
also recently formed a nonprofit corporation named the Constitutional Law
Alliance (CLA) and wrote a booklet on the Constitution with the same title as
my radio show, “Our Constitution.”

Yet, I have decided that I am not doing enough. I seemy country in the greatest Constitutional crisis in our history. We are aboutto lose the freedoms that my father and I risked our lives to defend and that
my sons are currently risking their lives to defend. We are losing these freedoms to a President and his minions who want to take us into a totalitarian form of government where all of our decisions are made for us by self determined elitists.

Accordingly, I have taken the necessary steps toreactivate my law license and will now be working with the U. S. Justice Foundation that handles Constitutional cases for free for Americans who can’t afford to
pay for a private attorney. I have also prepared an online course on the
Constitution, specifically the Bill of Rights, that will help people understand
what they are about to lose. The course is available at: http://libertyfirstclass.com/.In addition, I am making myself available to make speeches on the Constitution to groups that want to hear my message. So much for being retired. At age 64 I am putting myself in a position of being fully engaged in the battle to save our nation. I ask for your continued prayers and support for my efforts.

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Obama needs to be arrested for fraud as he was not a natural born citizen at his birth. His mother was not legally of age to pass citizenship and his father was according to british law which was accepted by our state department at the time.
Even if he was born on US soil, he would still have dual citizenship. All laws and regulations passed from Jan. 2009 to date would be null and void if he was successfully prosecuted. If you impeach him, all laws and regulations remain in effect.

I too have your back and when I am in a position to donate, I will. Until then, you are in my prayers for God to keep you and guide you in your endeavor. God bless you.

Congratulations on your decision to re-activate and fight. I am sure that it must've been a very tough decision for you, after working so hard previously in your life just to get to retirement. I admire you, and I'm inspired by you, as I'm sure many people are, seeing you put the strength and power of your convictions into action. Godspeed, Michael, I stand with you in the struggle and will be praying for you, in whatever comes your way!

Best news I've heard today, in fact, for a very long time. You know, I always hoped you'd run for President, but I'd be worried about someone trying to knock you off!! Good Luck, Michael, you have a lot of supporters, and God bless you and your family. Pat

Thank you for your courage to defend the Constitution so vigorously. I too have your back and when I am in a position to donate, I will. Until then, you are in my prayers for God to keep you and guide you in your endeavor. God bless you.

Bravo! Welcome back! God bless your sons for fighting for our freedoms which are being ripped from us, one by one. I will be by your side during this battle, as I pray millions more Americans do.
Our Constitution is worth fighting for.

I admire your determination to fight for our country and I wish you much luck in a battle that will not be easy but just know, we got your back. Lois