As an Eagle Scout, the father of four Eagle Scouts, and a former scoutmaster of a troop that produced 59 Eagle Scouts I am well aware of the Boy Scout motto “Be Prepared”. That is a motto that I now encourage all of my fellow American patriots to adopt. My fear is that after the historic victory last November when Republicans gained control of the Congress and the Presidency that we will become complacent and over confident and believe that the Democrats and the leftist progressives have been defeated permanently.

          The fact is that the relentless assault of the progressives in congress, in liberal state legislatures, and in the left wing media will not abate; in fact they will be doubling down on their efforts to destroy our Constitutional Republic. We have to understand that this effort by the left is not something new. It has been going on for decades and ultimately they succeeded in totally taking control of the Democrat party.   

          They also have rigid control of the American education system, particularly in our universities, where efforts to use political correctness to totally shut down free speech for everyone who doesn’t embrace the progressive agenda are continuing to be very effective. Many students do not receive an education they can truly use in the real world, but instead are indoctrinated with hate America political propaganda.

          Our public schools are often taking the same approach, and furthermore the students are being indoctrinated with the liberal entitlement philosophy. They are taught that they don’t have to compete and work hard to be successful; instead they are entitled to a trophy just for showing up. They are also being taught that the free expression of ideas is prohibited if their expression is offensive to any other student or even parent.

          It is the equivalent of the safe rooms being provided to wimpy college students who were are given teddy bears and coloring books so they can deal with the trauma that comes from finding out that elections in a Constitutional Republic don’t always come out the way they want.

          The consequences of all of this are becoming disastrously clear. Less than one percent of America’s young men and women are volunteering to serve in the military despite the fact that our country continues to be at war with an ideology that wants to destroy and enslave us. The old saying that “freedom is not free” is more applicable than ever, but our young people are not being taught that lesson. In many cases they don’t even understand what freedom means, much less how many Americans have sacrificed everything in order to preserve it.

          This is trend that I intend to try and reverse. I am in the process of putting together a plan to do several things. First I want to set up a comprehensive program to educate more of our children about the Constitution, including getting copies of the Constitution into their hands so they can actually read it and understand it. Second, I will be setting up a new nonprofit corporation that will develop strategies to assist attorneys and educators in protecting the Constitutional freedoms of students at every level from elementary school through college.

          This will a difficult undertaking, but is something I believe has to be done. Please feel free to send me your comments and suggestions, and watch this blog for further information.

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Thanks for being a patriot to this country. I believe in what you say and pray that this country gets back on track and becomes the great nation it was meant to be. I cant say thanks enough....


Ephesians 6:12.
There is a spirit that a program of reeducation alone cannot touch. The coordinated lapses of our institutions government, media, business, education and even the Church cannot be accounted for by coincidental human failure.
Luciferian New World Order and globalism ending the age of nations is supported by overtly satanic rituals disguised as 'art' or 'culture' performed in plain sight.
CERN, the large hadron collider on the Swiss French border, is purposed to open "portals to other dimensions". In front of its headquarters is a 15 foot statue of the Hindu god of destruction, Shiva. It is built over the ancient ruins of the Roman city dedicated to the Roman god Apollo. Apollyian is referenced in Revelation 9:11.
In June 2016, the Gotthard base tunnel's opening ceremony in Switzerland was attended by four heads of European nations. The ceremony was passed off as bizarre art. It was summoning dark spirits of the underworld.


Why start another effort.........we are so disjointed, seperated. If the scores of groups trying to fight the radicals who stole our culture were united under one banner the radicals would not have had a chance. The Deplorables, an outrowth of the Silent Majority and the Tea Party have finally scored with the election of an outsider and businessman. But to get the job done, to reverse course we need to become ONE.
Hillsdale is teaching the Constitution, Act for America is fighting the refugee situation, NRA fights for our 1st amendment rights, Rush Limbaugh and his great books for the kids with the talking horse are all great efforts. But the divided and almost conquered aspect of our side puts us at a huge disadvantage against the left which has one mission : Destroy America. We need to unite behind one effort. And that effort I believe is COS.
Perhaps you would consider putting your influence, experience and knowledge into helping to further the Convention of States (COS) which is making great progress to amend the Constitution to require fiscal responsibility, smaller manageble Federal Government and term limits for Congress, Judges and hopefully even all federal bureacrats who actually rin DC.
What a great addition to the COS team you would be.

Vnn Fleming