When I post a new article to my blog on the Constitution I always send out an email to those who request to be put on the list to be notified of new posts. I have many military veterans on the list and some members of the active military. Most of them have given me personal email addresses but some use their military email address and some people forward my emails and articles to active duty military personnel.

          Now when anyone in the army is sent one of my articles the following automated response is received: “The message that you sent to an @us.army.mil user with subject "The Politics of Fear" was not accepted for delivery since it contained URLs that Army Cyber Command has disallowed.”

          The URLs being referred to are to my blog, the United States Justice Foundation, and the Constitutional Law Alliance. In other words active duty members of the army are being denied access to information about the very Constitution they have vowed to fight and if necessary die to defend. Something is very wrong with this picture.

          I have emailed the Army Cyber Command for an explanation. I pointed out that I am an army veteran an asked why my emails and articles were being blocked. I received no reply to explain why I am being denied my First Amendment rights and so are the members of the army who would like to read my articles.

          This appears to be another part of a pattern by the Obama administration to strip away the basic Constitutional rights of every American. I don’t intend to let it end here. I intend to keep the oath I took to protect and defend the Constitution and take whatever legal steps are necessary to reverse this censorship effort by the government.

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Mr. Garrett, I would disagree with you about government communication being used for business purposes, considering what the IRS has been up to the past few years, and just now coming to the light of day. And, how about the emails sent back and forth about Bengazi, which we've NEVER gotten an answer about. The powers-that-be are so busy destroying this nation that many sheeple are ignoring what is going on. Are you aware that the Army is being cut from 45 brigades to 33? Are you aware that brigades here in the states are going to be moved from base to base, in order to decrease the number of brigades? Now, how is that cost effective? About like the cost of the trip the first family is taking to Aftrica, at an estimated $100 million dollars. On another note, military chaplains have been told not to end prayer "in the Name of Jesus." I could start a long essay on how the Veterans' Administration is delaying much needed treatment to our Vets, especially the Viet Nam vets and Viet Nam era vets, who served in Thailand during the wind-down of the Viet Nam war. I know, my husband was there, and exposed to Agent Orange, which was used on the perimeter of the base. He had to walk the perimeter with his dog, when he was on-duty. He has Type II Diabetes Mellitis as a result of this exposure. I appreciate what Mr. Connolly is doing to help our military, and am thankful for his service and that of his sons.


I'm a retired journalist, over 30 years in the field. I now write books. I have five on Amazon.com. I'm also retired military and this "Censored by the Army" is simply ridiculous. You complain about the Army blocking your personal e-mails to government e-mail addresses. Government communications are for BUSINESS purposes. Send your e-mails to the clients' PERSONAL e-mail addresses the way you're supposed to do. Your rant is much ado about nothing.


I suggest with all to do with the Military you should ask them to show you in the UCMJ where their policies are covered. They do have SOP's that clarify how it relates to the UCMJ> But rule of thumb on rights, if its not in the UCMJ or manual of Court Martials, its not legal policy. also for those not awere you are forbiden from blindly following orders. If it is either ilegal or immoral you are required to disobey that order(its called lawful orders). It was put in place because of Mi Lai



What about automatic forwarding, from a different URL? There should be some way to set up a different email account that will strip off your originating URL and then forward the messages with a new "originating" URL.


Thanks for standing in the gap my friend. We have to choose our battles as we look to do the most good. My vision over the last few months has to been help get the word out to change our tax structure to save this country from financial ruin. We launched our web site last month fairtaxforall.org
God Bless America!