Many of you reading this blog are probably already aware of a new website launched by the Obama reelection campaign called AttackWatch.com. It is a site where people are encouraged to report any so called smears against the President. A lot of people are looking at this as a joke, and there are some good parodies out there making fun of it. However, I don't look on this as a laughing matter.

            It is too close to the way things started in places like Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy. Any criticism of these governments, or their leaders was to be reported so appropriate action could be taken to stifle the criticism. Individuals were encouraged to inform on their neighbors, employers and fellow employees, and children were trained to inform on their peers and their parents. At the beginning much of what was happening was ignored yet, ultimately, freedom of speech and freedom of the press became things of the past in these countries.

            Of course, this is not the first time that the Obama administration has tried something like this. If you recall, when Obama began pushing hard for his healthcare bill there was a place put up on the White House website that asked people to inform on anyone that said anything “fishy” about the proposed law. The outcry from the American people was so great that the link was quickly eliminated, but now here we go again with Attack Watch.

            This new website is not only a place where people can be reported for being critical of the president but it also serves as a propaganda organ for the Obama administration. For example, here are some statements made on the website:

            “The Obama administration has strengthened our borders while making our immigration system smart and fair.”

            “President Obama is a friend to Israel, despite unfounded claims to the contrary.”

            ” President Obama believes in common sense gun control laws compatible with Second Amendment rights.”

            The statements are apparently being made with a straight face in order to refute “smears” against Obama, yet the real reason for the website seems to be to collect information on people or groups that oppose Obama's reelection and/or his policies in order to intimidate and silence them. This fits in perfectly with the other actions of the Obama administration to silence its critics in the press and on the Internet.

            For example, Obama appointed Mark Lloyd as his diversity czar. This is a man who is openly antagonistic towards First Amendment freedoms of speech and the press and has called for restrictions similar to those imposed by Hugo Chavez in Venezuela where people are imprisoned for opposing the government. In addition, the Federal Communications Commission has been told by the US Supreme Court that it has no authority to regulate the Internet. Obama has instructed the FCC to do so anyway and take control of the content on the Internet.

            What makes the situation even worse is that the progressives are enlisting the aid of the news media, some unions, and even major companies to help destroy the First Amendment. Some recent examples include gay activists getting PayPal to launch investigtions and deny its services to Christian groups or individuals that oppose things like homosexual marriages. The most prominent of these is the pro-family activist from Brazil Julio Severo.

            It has also been reported to me that Facebook has started closing down some Facebook pages run by conservatives, particularly if they were openly critical of Obama. There are also some changes being made on the Facebook site that allow it to censor or control content on some pages for strictly political reasons. It is well known that Mark Zuckerberg is an Obama supporter. Google has also been reported to be playing games with the conservative content on its search engine.

            Further, this cancer seems to be spreading rapidly with numerous incidents like the couple in San Juan Capistrano, Calif., that was fined $300 by the city for holding a Bible study in their own home with some friends. The city claims that people now need a permit in order to hold such activities. In the meantime, a public school teacher in San Antonio Texas tried to intimidate some Tea Party leaders speaking at a public forum by calling them Nazis for saying that public schools should obey the immigration laws. Also in Texas, a Fort Worth high school student was suspended for making the comment in a class discussion that: “I'm a Christian, and I don't think being gay is right.” The school said this was bullying.

            These incidents are just a handful of what is occurring repeatedly throughout this country. It shows a frightening pattern that is developing prior to the 2012 elections. It is time for Americans who believe in the First Amendment to stand up and be counted. If you are aware of any similar incidents please post them as comments to this article or e-mail them to me. These are some of the things that I intend to have the Constitutional Law Alliance start working on. It is time that we take the fight to those that are trying to silence us.

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