What happened on November 2, 2010 was indeed an unprecedented beat down of the so-called “Progressive Movement” in this country. The standard bearers for the march towards the destruction of our nation and its Constitution are the President and his cabinet members and the far left members of Congress. Their efforts were soundly rejected by the vast majority of Americans and over 63 members of the House of Representatives were defeated as were a number of Democrat Senators. In addition, the Republicans gained at least 11 governorships and control of many state legislatures.

            On the day following this election the country anxiously awaited the response of President Obama to this defeat. People were wondering if he understood what had happened the night before, in other words, “did he get it.” When the President held his press conference that afternoon he adopted his usual condescending attitude toward the American people who he believes just don’t understand that he is someone with superior intelligence who knows what is best for them. In fact, at one point, he actually seemed to be suggesting that the election defeats that occurred the day before were not because the American people really opposed his stampeding the nation into socialism, but were dissatisfied because it was not happening fast enough.

            At this point, I joined the huge number of Americans who were watching the Presidential press conference and shaking their heads because Obama obviously still didn’t get it. However, now I have changed my mind. “He Gets It;” he knows the American people have rejected his policies and his vision for America, but he just doesn’t care. Therein lies the danger and it is an immediate one. The anointed one really believes that he is superior to most of the rest of us and he is entitled to impose his will on us by any means necessary. We cannot revel in our victory because things will begin happening very quickly over the next few months.

            It will begin with the “Lame Duck” session of Congress that starts on November 15, 2010. This will be before the newly elected members of Congress take office so the Democrats allied with Obama will still be solidly in control. During the press conference on November 3rd Obama made clear his intention to have Congress repeal the don’t ask and don’t tell policy regarding homosexuals in the military.

            Harry Reid, who will continue his reign as Senate Majority leader thanks to the labor unions he serves, has already told them that he will try to ram through an amnesty bill for illegal aliens, and the highly controversial “card check” legislation to make it easier for unions to force workers to join them. There are also indications that efforts will be made to pass the Internet regulation bill that would give Obama control over Internet content and to shut down the Internet entirely if he chooses to do so.

            If all of this legislation fails to pass in the lame duck session Obama may go to plan “B”. He is being urged by his far left supporters to ignore the new Congress in January and to impose his will on the American people by using Executive Orders and Executive Branch regulatory agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). For example, he will grant amnesty to millions of illegals in this country and continue to block both Federal and State agencies from arresting those entering our country illegally.

            He will use the EPA to put back breaking carbon emissions on the energy industry in America that will cause utility bills to skyrocket and massive unemployment. This means the Cap and Trade legislation rejected by the Senate will be enforced anyway. He intends to use the FCC to stifle freedom of speech and freedom of the press by controlling talk radio. All of that is just the beginning of what is being considered and when it starts to happen we will enter a Constitutional crisis like no other faced since the Civil War.

            We will be facing a situation where a single individual and his allies will seek to abolish our Constitution and our Republic so that we will be living under a dictatorship. It is imperative that we remain vigilant and keep informing our friends and neighbors of the danger we face. In fact, millions of people “still don’t get it” and that is why far left Senators like Barbara Boxer and Harry Reid won their elections and will continue to assist Obama in the destruction of our nation.

            Your hard work and dedication to America paid off big time on Election Day but the fight is just beginning. We have a President of the United States who openly referred to us as his enemies during the recent campaign just because we oppose his policies. He also said we needed to be punished for this transgression. That really sums up what we are facing.

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"He Gets It" - very well said, Michael. Will someone explain to us why this "person" has come as far as he has without being impeached. I have a question...have you or anyone else heard that something will be happening to the internet next week? They are really working on shutting down fox news.

We are standing with you Michael, appreciate everything you have done. Already our company insurance is changing their policies and trying to shut off the retired employee's. Refusing our medications even if it means life or death. and this company is doing quite well by the way. Obama had visited this company last summer and since then everything has turned into a nightmare. It's so difficult to realize that everyday that goes by we are losing a little bit more of our freedom. God bless you Michael for coming forward with the truth and speaking out..

This is clearly the greatest threat we have ever faced and it's internal. We took the first steps last week but there is much more to be done. It is critical the Tea Party not become an extension of the Republican Party. We need to oppose all elected officials regardless of party who still think government is the answer rather than the problem. Let's make sure Obama understands this election WAS a repudiation of his vision and his policies. We get it... and we reject it. You made yourself perfectly clear and we disagree.

I have hope the momentum continues to pick up for 2012. I had "Hope" that things would "Change" after November 2, 2010. Given the commentary above I am not so sure. If "Plan B" (described so eloquently by Mr. Connelly) should be put in place what "Plan B" can citizens have to impeach the current president? Just a thought to throw out there.

I will share this blog with many - very well said!

excellent reading, Michael. thank you for sharing.

The democrats have underestimated the rising voter discontent, and they deserved the setback. Nancy Pelosi was obviously unrepentant to the end, and i seriously doubt that Obama honestly felt "humbled". He may continue to blame inheriting an economy that was already on a downward spiral, but the American public nonetheless disagreed with his responses just the same.
In spite of his policies, we still face deep economic issues, challenges from China and Iran, the continuing threat of Islamic terrorism, just to name a few.....Obama has consistently demonstrated poor political instincts, fails to effectively communicate with, and is grossly out of touch with the American people, and his platitudes are quite frankly, becoming quite a bore.
Your article summed up everything, and i share your sentiments. I expect the next two years to be one of the ugliest, and perhaps, dangerous, political periods in my lifetime.

I definitely concur Michael, this man is against America and her freedoms he wants to destroy our country. IMPEACHMENT should be done to this man. I feel the secret Service should throw him & his family out of there along with The Biden Family. What kind of President takes a $200 Million/Billion Dollar A Day trip with $3000 friends & family because this election stressed them out....

As a piece of writing, Michael, excellent.

As for accuracy: spot on

The question has to be what to do about this. Is there enough conservative power in government to head these Obama plans off?

FYI here's today's blog I wrote on Eternity Road where I write under the pen name, Rachel Peepers.

America, we dodged a bullet. But the powder burns are still visible.
By Rachel Peepers

When Hitler decided to open a second front rather than invade England, it proved to be the decision that cost him the war. England dodged a bullet.

If Obama had won big in the Nov. 2 election, the affect on the United States might very well have been as huge as the affect of Adolph going after Russia. Obama wouldn’t have been talking about bipartisanship or compromise even though the words he spoke yesterday are as empty as the Social Security lock box.

Obama would have been licking his chops with the words, “We won” on his lips. The Cap and Trade Bill would have been his next obsession. Small businesses would be bathed in new regulations. The VAT tax would have emerged on the horizon. ObamaCare would have been set in concrete. The best medical system in the world would be on its way to being turned to mush. The socialization of America would be in full swing. The America you grew up knowing and loving would start resembling that ‘65 Mustang you bought for twenty one hundred dollars that you sold when you got married. And that you can see in junk yards waiting to be crunched. I never thought America could go to hell in a hand basket. But Obama almost made it happen. When people talk about the election results, and the speech Obama gave yesterday, most do so in academic language. Like they’re discussing some football game and why their team won or lost. Michelle, Hugh, O’Reilly, Hanson and the rest all went for the X’s and O’s.

From Pajamas Media to Michelle Malkin, to Victor Hanson, to Hugh Hewitt, the bullet that Uncle Sam almost got between the eyes is missed.

And the reason isn’t because it’s so obvious what a calamity almost befell us. I think it’s something else. When you’ve never had shell-fire aimed your way, you never really fear it. Seeing the movie, “Saving Private Ryan” isn’t quite the same thing as living that day with the 29th infantry division. Unless the movie scared you so that you peed in your seat.

Something else I walked away from the recent election astounded by is my reaction to Obama’s national TV talk D plus 1. The lout is a little more than a little out of touch with the American people. The election was a repudiation of Obama’s policies. His squandering of 3 trillion tax dollars. ObamaCare. Etc. I think few actually hate the brown eyed handsome man. I think 70% of America hate what he’s done. Letting Panthers go free to roam. And not mentioning what they did in Houston Nov. 2. We hate the civilian rather than military court. The Victory Mosque. We hate his socialism. We hate his words. His meanness. What else isn’t attractive about Obama is his sense of self importance, his incredibly high, misplaced self esteem, the enormous amount of pomposity he exhibits unabashedly. That constant air of haughtiness. Amazing powers of condescension. His willingness to lie about anything and everything. Which I attribute to his sleeping in the Alinsky bed of socialism. If the Democrats won yesterday, the double, Saul/Obama orgasm would have been heard in Brentwood, Ca.; some might have mistaken it for an earthquake.

Another unattractive quality; Obama’s total lack of empathy that usually is seen in only the most sociopathic personalities. It’s never the fault of Obama’s policies. It’s always the people who fail to understand Obama’s brilliant leadership. He may say he accepts responsibility for an election loss. But it’s always with no negative result. Obama never once has admitted he’s wrong, from the surge to the supreme beating Democrats took on Nov 2, Obama sees himself as nothing less than number 1.

His desire, determined as ever, to transform the United States of America into an unrecognizable socialist shadow of its former exceptional self hasn’t lessened one bit. He, like Khrushchev, wants to bury your freedom, your constitution, your supreme court, and, if necessary, you.

Obama is out to kill America. Don’t kid yourself. He took his best shot.

And missed. And in a couple of days the powder burns will disappear. Americans live to fight another day. On the alter of freedom I’m delighted to say we placed our votes.

Posted by Rachel Peepers on 11/04/10 at 06:34 PM • (2) Comments
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I concur Michael. As I watched this man try to intellectually spin the results of the very clear referendum against his socialist agenda, it was painfully obvious that he still doesn't care what the American people want. He's too much of an ideological zealot to resort to pragmatism, even in the wake of a good old fashion conservative ass whipping. I'm with you, we have to watch his impending clandestine maneuvering with the vigilance of a sentry on guard. If he scoffs at extending the Bush tax cuts, that should tell us everything we need to know.

Excellent article. Thanks for being a legislative watchdog! www.CatchKevin.com

Excellent article! EXCELLENT!

Makes me wonder why everyone is so afraid of the word "Impeachment". How far is America going to allow this man to go before we start putting that word into action!