There is nothing that angers U.S. military veterans more than someone showing disrespect for the flag that they have fought to defend and that their friends and comrades have died for. I am a U.S. Army veteran and I not only feel that way, but I find it particularly egregious when the person showing disrespect and contempt for our flag is the President of the United States.

          Therefore, I say this to Mr. Obama: how dare you defile and degrade our flag by having your campaign sell posters showing the American flag with the field of fifty stars replaced with your campaign logo? This degradation comes on the heels of actions taken by a veterans group in Florida to force one of your campaign offices to take down an American flag that had been defaced by replacing the field of stars with your picture. 

          Who do you think you are? My family came over here from Ireland in 1756 and we have had someone serving in the military during every war from the American Revolution to the current war on terror. We fought for our flag, for our country, and after the revolution for the newly written Constitution that established the United States of America. We did not take a sacred oath to fight for any individual. Yet, you have shown that you have nothing but distain for the flag, for our country, and especially for the Constitution, and then you had the audacity to thank our men and women in the service for fighting for you!

          You are not the Messiah, you are not the overseer of an American plantation, you are not our King; you are nothing more than an employee of the American people, and hopefully you will soon find yourself unemployed. Leave our flag alone and leave our constitution alone! Despite what you may think, we are not your subjects Mr. Obama, we are free Americans and we intend to stay free Americans.

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Nice post ! This is very good article. I thought a lots of people are thingking like this !


You should search "Reagan Flag" before you jump all over this. Reagan Bush used a simullar flag.


To the comment made 9/22 by the so called American: apparently your views are as ignorant as the man that calls himself our president. I did not read the plantation remark to be racist but rather meant our land that we work hard on and harvest our goods. Your mind is in the gutter and I pray that your heart and eyes open up to what is going on in America.
To Michael Connelly's hard work and dedication to America, I say, "Amen".


really? do you not have anything better to worry about? plantation remark? you sound racist... and yu dont own the flag anymore than anyone else, it is OUR flag. and you dont speak for all veterans. the logic is very flawed im sorry to say. such an old bitter man writing bitter racist and inflammatory blogs. sad. i hope you find some happiness and joy. God bless!


Michael, I truly believes that the boasting by Obama that "we killed Usama Ben Ladin is whatwas the final straw and perpetrated this attack, plus the fact Biden was crying this at the Democratic convention and it was played many times.

Obama is setting this country up for a big fall and America may very well go down if this guy isn't ousted from the government and eventually the country. We need his records starting at birth through and including his time at Harvard as an instructor, not as a professor. I also would like to see his records on how he got into Harvard and by what vehicle. It would be interesting if it were as a foreign student.

I am sickened by him putting this child-like display of his and calling it his flag. How dare him.

Amen to you.