This alert concerns two important pieces of legislation before Congress. First, people have found that they are not always powerless when dealing with dangerous legislation in the Congress. The massive outcry by readers of this blog and other blogs, listeners to my radio show, and hundreds of thousands of other people lead to the liberals in Congress losing on their first try ram the Disclose Act through the Senate.

            This is the bill that would violate the First Amendment rights of millions of Americans in conservative political groups, corporations, and small businesses by limiting their ability to participate in the upcoming 2010 election process by buying and airing advertisements. At the same time, labor unions and liberal groups like Moveon.org, are exempt from the provisions of the bill. Ironically, this legislation that claims to require disclosure was written in secret, amended in secret, and is bypassing the normal committee channels in order to keep its provisions from being known to as many of the American people as possible.

            After its recent failure to get the sixty votes for cloture needed so the legislation could be brought to the Senate floor, Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) has vowed to keep bringing the bill up over and over until they get it passed. So, it is necessary for everyone to keep a watchful eye on this and other blogs since it may be necessary to keep contacting your Senators until this proposed law is finally dead.

            Another piece of extremely important legislation is that extending the Bush tax cuts that will expire in a few months. Many liberals want them to die entirely and that would impose on Americans the largest tax increase in history. President Obama has tried to placate many taxpayers by saying that he is willing to go along with extending the tax cuts for Americans making less than $200,000 per year. In other words, he will only increase the taxes on the rich, yet who are most of these so-called rich people? The vast majority are small business owners who often use much of their profits to expand their businesses and create more jobs for their fellow Americans.

            During the past 18 months many of these entrepreneurs who are responsible for creating most of the jobs in the private sector have been reluctant to spend any money on expansion and new jobs for fear that the Obama administration would do exactly what it is proposing, increase their taxes. In fact, these tax increases may cause many small businesses to cut back and actually eliminate jobs. Some economists are predicting this could be the final nail in the coffin that Obama is constructing to bury the American economy.

            The framers of the U.S. Constitution were fearful that giving the Federal government a broad power to tax meant giving it too much power to control individual Americans and their businesses. Thus the taxation power was severely limited in the original Constitution. It was broadened considerably by the passage of the Sixteenth Amendment in 1913 that allowed the implementation of the income tax. However, even with that amendment it is clear that taxation was not meant to be used as a method to punish successful Americans, to redistribute wealth, or to destroy the American Free Enterprise system. Yet that is exactly the way it is being used by the Obama administration and Congress.

            Remember, we already have massive tax increases being imposed on us by the health care bill the U.S. economy can’t survive any more. Contact your Congressional representatives and your Senators and let them know that you support the extension of the Bush tax cuts for all Americans.

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