June 10, 2014

On February 20, 2014 I posted a copy of the updated proposed Articles of Impeachment of Barack Hussein Obama. We sent them out to over 200 select members of the House of Representatives. We only received one response and that was basically a form letter thanking us for sharing. Needless to say, I was very discouraged.

          However, the organizers of Operation American Spring requested permission to personally deliver copies of the Articles to members of Congress and I readily agreed. This may have been the trigger, because it has now been confirmed that one or perhaps more members of the House have referred the articles to the House Judiciary Committee for consideration.

          For the first time, there is real movement on the Impeachment front. It will take a majority of the committee to vote to send the Articles to the full House for a vote. We need for everyone who lives in a District represented by a member of the Judiciary Committee to contact their representative and urge them to vote the Articles out of committee.

          Even if you have a representative who is not on the committee you can ask them to urge their colleagues to bring the legislation to the floor for a full vote of the House.

          I have been asked why bother when it requires a two thirds vote of the Senate to convict and remove Obama from office. That is not likely to happen even if the Republicans take control of the Senate in November. However, if Articles of Impeachment are passed by a simple majority of the House, there will have to be a trial in the Senate. The special prosecutors appointed by the House will have extraordinary powers to cut through Executive Privilege and get documents and testimony that Obama has kept hidden.  The American people will finally get the information about this man and his actions that have been denied.

          To get information on the members of the House Judiciary Committee go to http://judiciary.house.gov/  It is time to move on this. In the meantime, I will be updating the proposed articles. You can see the original articles at: Michael Connelly blog.

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Interesting info, do you know where I can find similar information?

I've been trying to find out a little more about this kind of stuff, thanks for sharing.

I am confused. The above blog indicates or shows that you support impeachment. I just received a letter requesting I donate money to your cause because you say that an impeachment would basically destroy our country, that we need to get him out of office because he is not a legal citizen of the United States, of which of wholeheartedly agree. Please clarify. Thank you.

It is my understanding that the House brings the impeachment charges, and the Senate tries the case. Lots of luck with Dingy Harry acting as Senate Dictator. Maybe that will change in November, but I'm not holding my breath.