Obama’s state of the Union address on February 12, 2013 can be summed up as follows:

 He called for massive amounts of new Federal spending, and the Obamabots in the Congress and the Administration stood up and cheered.

 He proposed raising taxes again instead of using spending cuts to cut the deficit, and the Obamabots stood up and cheered.

 He proposed massive new regulations on businesses in the name of climate change, and the Obamabots stood up and cheered.

 He pledged that if Congress did not do what he wanted he would once again violate the constitution and his oath of office by using Executive orders to impose his will on the American people, and the Obamabots stood up and cheered.

 He bragged about just bypassing Congress and issuing a new Executive order on cyber security, and the Obamabots stood up and cheered.

 In thes areas of foreign policy and national security he vowed to face the growing nuclear threats by North Korea and Iran by promising to meet with the Russians and work out a deal to cut our country’s nuclear capability, and the Obamabots stood up and cheered.

 He vowed to slam small businesses with a minimum wage increase from $7.25 to $9.00 per hour that would put some of them out of business and cause people to lose their jobs, and the Obamabots stood up and cheered.

 He called for the virtual abolition of the Second Amendment to the Constitution with draconian legislation and Executive actions to restrict the ownership of firearms by honest and law abiding American citizens, and the Obamabots went wild.

 It was more of the same, but not the same. Obama showed his true colors and revealed his plan to destroy our Constitutional Republic and strip us of our freedoms. As I watched the speech and the reaction of the Democrats I had an eerie sensation that I had seen it all before, and then I realized that I had.

 For years I have been an avid student of American history and particularly World War II. When I was writing the book about my father’s unit during the war, I researched the Nazis that they were fighting in order to get a better idea of the evil that these brave Americans had confronted and ultimately defeated. I watched videos of some of Adolph Hitler’s speeches and one stood out in particular.

 Watch it with English subtitles on You Tube at:


 Listen to the elitist rhetoric, watch the demeanor and the arrogance of the man, and see the faces and reactions of the audience as they give him mindless adoration. The Nazis stood up and cheered his every utterance. Even if you did not watch Obama’s State of the Union address you will have seen enough of him to recognize the bizarre and eerie similarities.  It is time to be afraid; to be very afraid.


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