It seems like all we are hearing about from the main stream media these days is what Obama is doing to protect his legacy. He has one year left in his term and so I have a pretty good idea what that legacy will be and how it relates to what is happening in this country and the world.

          Simply put, Obama is determined that his legacy will be the destruction of the Constitutional Republic that has been the United States of America for over 239 years. In the past seven years he has made what his narcissism and egomania have convinced him is his righteous goal ,and he has made great strides. During this period he has committed one crime after another while he has repeatedly violated his oath of office “to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

          He has been ably assisted in his efforts by the leftists in Congress, the left wing media that constantly provides cover for his illegal and unconstitutional activities, and totally corrupt federal judges who choose to ignore the Constitution in order to assist Obama in furthering his destructive agenda.

          Obama’s quest began when his allies in Congress passed Obamacare in the dark of night without anyone being allowed to read it. I had read the original version of the law in 2009 when it was first introduced and pointed out that it was unconstitutional and would ultimately destroy the health care system in this country. The subsequent versions of the bill and the final version that passed just got worse. Now we are seeing my worst fears realized as Obamacare is falling apart, and Americans are seeing their premiums go up as the quality of health care goes down.  

          Obama was emboldened by this victory and went on to do all the damage he could to our free market economy, our Constitutional balance of powers, our immigration laws and border security, our military, our veterans, and our national security. He also turned his attention to our basic Constitutional rights, using his pen to write illegal and unconstitutional executive orders to limit our Second Amendment rights. He has also used federal agencies such as the IRS to attack freedom of speech, HHS to assault freedom of religion, and the DOJ to go after freedom of the press.

          Other agencies were also turned loose. The VA was allowed to let hundreds and possibly thousands of veterans die from lack of medical care and the VA was instructed to go after veterans and deny them their Second and Fifth Amendment rights in order to disarm them. The FBI has then accepted the names of all veterans declared incompetent by the VA to handle their own financial affairs for ridiculous reasons, and placed them in the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS list) under the category of being mentally ill to the point of being a danger to themselves or others. There is no adjudication as required by law, but the veterans are marked for life as mentally ill and prohibited from legally purchasing firearms.

Now the Obama administration has announced that it will be doing the same thing to social security beneficiaries. This is all part of his effort use the provisions of the UN Small Arms treaty that was signed by John Kerry and requires all firearms in the United States to be registered with the United Nations and ultimately confiscated. It is a treaty that has never been submitted for ratification by the U.S. Senate as required by the Constitution.

The same thing has happened with the climate change agreement that Obama has reached with other countries and that he has no intention of submitting to the Senate for ratification, but is already ordering the EPA to enforce. In addition, there is the treaty with Iran that was never submitted to the Senate for ratification because the Republican leadership in the Senate and House agreed to let Obama bypass the Constitution. The Iranians are already violating the treaty, but Obama doesn’t care.

Now, in order to embellish his legacy further Obama is releasing some of the world’s most violent terrorists from GITMO so they can kill more Americans. This is a direct violation of a federal law Congress passed and he signed. Obama has also authorized bringing in thousands of refugees from Syria, and many of them may be terrorists working for ISIS. He also authorized the bringing in of thousands of additional illegals from Central America by claiming that they are political refugees.

Obama has been the divider in chief, deliberately encouraging racial division, religious division, economic class division, and apologizing to our enemies for the supposed transgressions of our great country. He has authorized his federal agencies to attack traditional American values, attack the police who protect us, and has been providing aid and comfort to our enemies by hamstringing our military.

I am concerned that the worst is yet to come. In the remaining year of his presidency Obama will sign many more Executive orders and Executive actions to limit Constitutional rights and abolish our Constitutional Republic. I have heard people including members of Congress and the conservative media referring to Obama, as clueless, out of touch, and ignorant.  None of that is true, Obama is not an American, and I say that regardless of where he was born. He is not an American because he does not believe in our values, our traditions, or our constitutional form of government.

He is clear in what he wants his legacy to be. He wants to be the person who brought down the greatest free country in the world. We cannot allow him to succeed!

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In the laws regarding immigration, our founding fathers wrote not to allow any Muslims into the nation. Sorry that I don't have the direct quote or exactly where to find it, but I have read it. If anyone remembers history, Thomas Jefferson sent our Marines to stop the capturing of foreign ships by the Barbary Pirates, who were Muslim. The part of the Marine Hymn that says "to the shores of Tripoli" refers to this military action. We also have to remember that 0 was raised by a muslim step-father, living in Indonesia, which has the largest muslim population of any country, he attended muslim schools, and I feel certain he attended services at a mosque, otherwise how could he write that the most beautiful sound to him was the evening call to prayer. Then, his mother dumped him off on her parents, and his grandfather was leaning toward communism, and introduced 0 to Frank Marshall Davis, a card-carrying communist. His grandfather wanted Davis to act as a father-figure to 0. Well, it worked, as well as 0's alliance with Sal Allinsky and Bernadyn Dorn and her husband. He didn't grow up with the American values that all of us were taught as we were growing up. No one can save this nation except God, and even He may withdraw His hand unless the lukewarm church repents and seeks Him out. I expect something to happen before the November election that may prevent it from occurring. Just saying, from watching what all has been going on around the world, especially with the growth of ISIS. I pray that everyone who knows the Lord as Saviour will be praying for those who don't, and for those who've gone astray.


The thing that boggles the mind is the fact that Obama has not been stopped. There were those who KNEW who and what Obama was before he was elected and warned us but were hounded, humiliated and silenced. We are kidding ourselves if we believe we have a Constitution anymore. We are kidding ourselves if we believe we have a country anymore. Please think about this, folks. We have no jobs. 43M Americans are on food stamps. Another ???M are on disability. Millions of Americans have given up looking for jobs. Our military has been gutted. Our national secrets freely given away. Obama's latest "in your face" visit to a mosque in which he was warned by the FBI they may have terrorist ties did nothing to dissuade him because Obama is one of them. Obama is the One the Founders warned us about. We might as well label the tribulation we're all facing as "Lamentations". No Trump, no Cruz, is going to save us. It will be up to ourselves.


We may never know the truth; however, what we do know is that the public narrative coming from the White House and even FoxNews is a lie. Alternative news sources such as Infowars.com and RT provide a divergent perspective.
Here's an example of a parallel narrative to a recent event:
Is it true? With BHO and John Kerry at the helm, there's no telling!


Since we all know this to be true why then hasn't Obama been stopped by SOMEBODY in the legal system, political arena, congress? Why has he not been impeached LONG before this.? How can we?


Cogent and factually correct. Thanks for the Obama Legacy.
I too have tried to get my Congressman and our Two Texas Senators to publicly outline the allegations that would lead to Impeachment of Obama, but with no success. I strongly suspect that an agreement must exist between the Congressional Republicans and Democrats that prevents any Impeachment allegations to be made against Obama.