Last night President Obama made what was touted by much of the media as a major address to Congress and the American people on healthcare. I’m not going to write a lengthy response to the speech because first, there was really nothing new in it, and secondly, he did not address the Constitutional issues. In fact, most of the health care bill supporters are running like mad from having to respond to questions from Americans on those issues.

            Instead, they take the arrogant and elitist approach that the President took last night; accusing all who oppose the enlightened paternalism of the left of either being evil or just too dumb to know that we have to be taken care of by “Big Brother”. In other words, there was little in the speech that I have not already addressed in my previous articles posted here.

            There is one issue that I need to address however, since not only have the President and members of Congress been making a point of it, but I have received several e-mails asking me about it. That is the question of whether illegal immigrants will get medical care under the provisions of HR 3200. My answer is clearly yes. This is disputed by those who point to Section 246 of the bill that is titled: “No Federal Payment for Undocumented Aliens”.

            That seems clear enough, but what does it really say in the section. There is only one sentence in the section and it states:

“Nothing in this subtitle shall allow Federal payments for affordability credits on behalf of individuals who are not lawfully present in the United States.”

All that says is that affordability credits to help them get insurance are not available to illegals. It does not say that they can’t participate in the overall program and get reduced cost insurance under the so-called “public option”.  Nor is there anything in the bill that requires someone to verify their citizenship to get benefits from the Insurance Exchange in the program. Any enforcement provisions were specifically excluded in the House Committee. The bill also doesn’t limit the care currently being provided for free at emergency rooms and government clinics. You can read this section and the rest of the bill for yourself by going to the following link: http://thomas.loc.gov/

The access of illegal aliens to the system has been verified by a recent report released by the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service. This service works for Congress and the report was released days before President Obama made his speech, yet he continued to deny that illegals will get coverage. There is also a movement among some members of Congress to grant illegal immigrants full rights to participate in all government programs including Social Security, even if they have never paid a penny into the system.

            Is it Constitutional to require American taxpayers to pay for medical coverage of those who have broken our country’s laws by sneaking across our borders? Nobody in the Obama Administration seems to care.  

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I truly don't understand much of these bill(s), however I feel enlightened, but.....I must say, I am paying approx. $1000 per month for my healthcare insurance and need a break! Private insurance companies have medical professionals working for them in a sense with telling a doctor how much they will pay, so they have to see twice as many patients, maybe even more to make any money at their profession, given what the investment is to obtain their degree. In other words, we still need to fix what's wrong, the fact that I need a part time job to pay for my health insurance and it doesn't matter to me if you are far right or far left, this just has to be fixed!

It is also sad that so many people will not consider, let alone believe, the stuff written.

It is even sadder that so many people are have no idea of the value of their rights under the Constitution and are so willing to become or remain sheople, lead by incompetent flock masters from one baron gazing field to another.

Believe me, that if there was a way to protect MY rights and our country while leaving you to rejoice in a different realty, it would be a no brainer.

It is sad that so many people will believe the stuff you write. How much did you get paid to write these untruths, and who did you receive payment from?

Why are you attempting to devide this country? What happened to land of the free, and home of the brave? Americans are afraid, and fear mongers like you are taking advantage of the fearful Americans?

I am a BRAVE American, and I refuse to believe the fear mongers.

It matters that the author is not an attorney.

You take the provisions of HR3200 out of the statutory context in which they would be implemented. Namely, you disregard the current law at 8 USC 14 ("RESTRICTING WELFARE AND PUBLIC BENEFITS FOR ALIENS"), and specifically subsechapter I, which spells out eligibility.

Current medical assistance programs (aside from emergency care) already exclude the undocumented, what this bill does is rewrite the structure of how those existing programs are carried out. The reason Section 246 explicitly excludes them is that the affordability credits are a new addition to the existing programs providing payments to the private sector, so the pre-existing exclusions wouldn't necessarily apply.

In other words, what the bill proposes is to keep the current system (including restrictions in other laws that the author either ignores or doesn't know about) but modify the way it pays and what it pays for, not who it pays on behalf of. As such, the existing exclusion of the undocumented remains in place. Section 246 adds a new benefit involving the private sector, and so it specifically spells out that those same exclusions will apply to the new benefit.

As for that stuff about a growing movement to provide aid, I only have two things to say: first, either cite something to back this up or acknowledge that it's simply another scare tactic; second, are you arguing that unless the President addresses any future intention of any unknown person or persons with regard to changing his proposal... that he's lying? That's the same as me saying "further, your post is a lie, because I heard other people are thinking about writing another post in the future that says something different." Absurd.

Ace, I find it interesting you are defending the insurance companies. They are not in business to pay for our health care, they are there to make money. What do you think drives up health care costs? The biggest..malpractice insurance for the providers, yes, an insurance company. that along with a majority of patients on medicare which sets payment limits for docs force docs to raise costs. Then throw in the free care that hospitals are forced to give to illegals and uninsured (objectively speaking) and one can see the massive increases we see in costs. Hospitals have to make money to stay in business, so do the docs, and yes so do the insurance companies. All need to keep the profit margin. So, with that being said, we can eliminate insurance companies with health care co-ops. co-ops are very successful in the mid-west and that can eliminate the money hungry insurance companies.

If you all want to see the example of government run health care that has already been around for a long time, take a VERY close look at the VA system in this country. For those ignorant people out there it is the government run health care system for the veterans of this country. Ask the vets how they like the VA system. One thing that has not been mentioned here, of all the talk about this Obama health care change, no one has talked about asking your local representatives if they will be on the plan? They will say no, but the rest of us have to accept it? It should not matter if you are left or right with your politics. You should not accept a program that the politicians are voting on that puts YOU on a government run health care system that they refuse to be on. That is just plain unacceptable! That is what the debates should be about. If its not good enough for the politicians, why should we accept it?

I find it odd that so many people (like Jesse) think that the Big Bad Insurance companies are what drives price of healthcare up so high. Insurance premiums increase every year because the cost of healthcare increases every year. Healthcare costs drive premiums, not the reverse.

But it's easy to demonize Big Insurance. Besides, all the lawyers in DC would never countenance tort reform as a natural starting point.

And, Jesse, if you think Medicare is well-run and efficient I don't know what to tell you. Did you know it's bankrupt? Did you know that it drastically underpays medical providers - a key reason the rest of us pay so much is to make up for the difference in what Medicare and Medicaid pay (and what is given free to illegals and delinquents who don't pay). But hey, the lack of personal responsibility is a big part of the puzzle isn't it? Big Brother should take care of me - it's my right!

qhaddie321 - The Bible also says that if our children are unruly and rebellious and cannot be controlled, we should kill them.... so should we kill them? No. When we read God's word it is important to be observant of the total content and context. What you speak of... "The Bible says if you don't work, you shouldn't eat either." is in fact the Apostle Paul speaking in
2 Thessalonians 3: 8-13 in reference to something he heard about some "which walk among you" being disorderly and not working at all. He was speaking to the church about church people... not to or about the populace at large. So to use this scripture in the manner you did, qhaddie321 is in fact to "twist" God's word. If we are going to use God's word to determine the result of this health care reform, then we must indeed do what Jesus did. When it came to the multitudes, He healed them without charge or proof of their deserving it ... He just did it. Even our very salvation is/was undeserving, but He did it. He layed down all that He was and all that He had that you and I might find eternal life. So here we are, a "Christian Nation" worried about how it might inconvenience us if we extend health care to those who can't afford it or don't "deserve" it and there in lies my struggle because in the end, nothing I have is mine... He is the giver and taker of all things right down to my ability to produce a good living for my family and afford private insurance. Perhaps it would do our "Christian Nation" good to fall to our knees and pray for God to humble us and then we should do as we are instructed in Romans 13 and pray for our government. And if this health care reform does indeed violate the constitution, (which I am still not convinced that it does), perhaps we should then ask God which is more important, our constitution, or His word.

Steve, you can't understand why seniors are against this? Have you not been listening to them? Oh wait, look who I'm asking! Someone who "works on the hill". Of course you're not listening because you don't care what the people want, you just want to transfer more power to the gov't.
The reason seniors don't want it is because of what is being stripped from the health care that THEY PAID FOR ALL THEIR LIFE! Obama wants to cut, what was it, $5 Billion from the plan? Surely you can't be that stupid not to understand that! Oh, I forgot again, sorry. You "work on the hill".
Do you know what started the Civil War in this country? If you come back with slavery, then you don't work on the hill, or at least you shouldn't since you don't know this country's history! People who have studied about this country beyond grades 1-12 know that the war was started because states told the federal gov't you can't tell us what to do! Each state has the right and responsibility to make their own laws BASED ON WHAT THE PEOPLE WANT!
Have you actually read the proposed bill? Yeah, I know, you "work on the hill" so naturally you haven't read it. If you had, you would see that it is an unconstitutional bill! Don't believe it? READ THE DAMN THING! Stop being a good little sheep and be an individual! READ IT, STUDY IT! Then be a wolf and stand up against the sheep who don't know any better plus the idiots who "work on the hill".
Fixing the problems with health care does not mean the country has to change to socialism! If you think it won't, I will remind you of what Obama said, "Judge me by the people I surround myself with." That would be idiots, Communists, Socialists, tax cheats, other crooks and racists! The only one that is not self professed is the idiot, all others have admitted who they are. The idiot is the one who thinks he can represent someone's dog or cat, or a wild creature such as a deer or moose in a court! He proposes that everyone change to vegan over night or be sued for MURDERING DEER and COWS. Now THAT'S an idiot!
So doing as Obama asked, some of us are judging him by the company he appointed to be around him, and we don't like them nor him because he appointed them. I don't care who the person was or what color or religion they were, I would not trust them if they were put in power and hired communists and socialists to advise them!! WAKE UP!! Oh, I forgot yet again, you "work on the hill." You probably have one of those sound proof offices so you can't hear what the PEOPLE want! FYI, if you're gov't wants to make laws for the states, they better make sure they are laws that the PEOPLE want! WE THE PEOPLE, not we the gov't, will rise up and make sure the people WE hired are doing the job WE want!! Got it?

Let me tell you whats wrong with Terry's post. Aside from the fact that he lied about Michael Connely's qualifications, he invited those of us against Obamacare to leave the country since we are not acting American. Terry, you and your holier than thou cohort in DC are trying to change OUR country, the one we've had for over 200 years! Someone else tried to do that and they ended up being fought and defeated! The same will happen again if Communists and Socialists like yourself, try to do the same. If YOU don't like the way this country is run then YOU are invited to leave! In fact, I wish you would! I'm fed up with idiots like YOU who have their head buried in the sand and expect gov't to hand them everything. WE do plenty for those who need help. WE take care of people who need help. What WE don't do is let them continue to live off our taxes without us saying something about it. This is not a country of lazy misfits! WE have a few and most of them are like you, standing in line with your hand out. READ THE CONSTITUTION and understand what it says and what it's for! I have read it, I have studied it. I have also read and studied what the founding fathers meant, via their comments, letters and speeches. The crap you spouted off is NOT what they wanted for this country NOR is it what WE want for our country. So pack your bags and take your sorry butt to a socialist country where YOU belong!