We have had two Presidential debates between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama and a Vice Presidential debate between Paul Ryan and Joe Biden. There has been a lot of discussion about winners and losers and who had a bad or a good night, but based on what I saw that is not the only thing that the American people should focus on.

What I saw from Obama and Biden was one of the worst displays of the arrogance of power I have ever witnessed. Obama was not just having a bad night in his first debate with Romney; by both words and actions he was conveying his complete disdain for the entire election process in this country. He clearly felt that it was beneath him to participate in a debate where he would be required to defend his actions and philosophy before the American people.

He is an elitist and as such he believes that he and Michelle are royalty and the Presidency is his by some divine right. He is only supposed to have to give speeches to adoring handpicked audiences where he can safely hide his ignorance and arrogance behind some safe Teleprompters. He does not believe that anyone has the right to disagree with him or even question him.

He showed that clearly in the second debate. He was aggressive with the arrogant attitude and smirks that indicated he again felt that no one had a right to question him. He didn’t have a teleprompter, but he had something almost as good; he had a moderator who handpicked questions that by 2-1margin were favorable to his campaign. He also relied on Candy Crowley to bail him out by interrupting Romney when he was making a good point and assisting the President with her own
comments when necessary.

I am totally convinced that at least in the case of the final question Obama had been tipped off in advance about the content. Remember that the moderator insisted that she get that question in and it was directed at Romney and she then allowed Obama to wrap up the debate with what sounded like rehearsed remarks on the 47% comment Romney had made at a fund raiser. Romney was given no chance to respond. Once again, Obama showed that he does not believe he has to play by the rules.

Joe Biden was just as bad, if not worse. He treated his opponent with rudeness and disrespect and thought that the American people would love his being condescending. He is also an elitist and anyone who disagrees with him is subject to derision and
insults. On the other hand, Paul Ryan was a gentleman and showed his respect for the office of Vice President.

Obama and Biden have nothing to run for re-election on except for a wrecked economic and foreign policy failures, and their headlong rush to destroy our Constitution, our values, and our way of life. They, and the other elitists in Washington D.C., think they are smarter than the rest of us and therefore are entitled to tell us what to do, what to say, and what to think.

They do not believe that the rights guaranteed to us in the Constitution are God given and inherent rights. Obama, Biden, Clinton, Reid, and Pelosi believe that those rights were given to us by the government and thus the government can take them
away from us. They have forgotten that under the Constitution we are the government, not them. They are nothing more than our employees and very poor ones at that. Barack and Michelle are not our King and Queen and we will not tolerate royalty of any kind.

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