Months ago I pointed out that Obama was abusing the power of the President to issue Executive Orders. I also predicted that if the outcome of the election in November went against the Democrats the use of the executive orders would probably increase, potentially causing a major Constitutional crisis. 

            Recently, a far left think tank in Washington D.C. called The Center for American Progress has called for the President to by pass Congress and use his Executive powers to push forward his socialist agenda. The idea is to have Obama become a virtual dictator who will ignore the Constitution and act on his own despite the will of Congress and the American people.

            This would include using not only executive orders but also actions taken by such executive agencies as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). It is also suggested that he use his power as Commander in Chief of the military. The implications of that are particularly frightening to me.

            Of course, in addition to having control of cabinet positions such as the Dept. of Education and the Department of the Interior, Obama has also laid the groundwork for even more power and control by his appointment of 42 “Czars” who have extraordinary powers conferred by the President himself. These appointments were made without the advice and consent of the Senate that is required by the Constitution.

            Among the suggestions made by the Center for American Progress and those already in progress by the Obama Administration are the following:

            1. Having the FCC take control over the Internet so the Federal government can regulate the content and insure that Americans can only access content approved by the progressives in the Obama administration.

            2. Giving the FCC control over the radio and television broadcasting industry so that Americans can get the proper news content, in other words, that content approved by the Obama Administration and favorable to it. The obvious targets here are conservative talk radio shows and Fox News.

            3.  Since even some Democrats in the Senate see how disastrous the Cap and Trade Bill would be to the U.S. economy it will not pass. Obama intends to use the EPA to impose carbon taxes on U.S. businesses that will destroy jobs and increase utility costs on families by as much as 300%.

            4. Take control of the energy industry by severely limiting permits for oil exploration both inland and off the coast and further denying or delaying new permits for domestic coal mining in the United States.

            5. If the so called “Dream Act” fails to pass during the lame duck session of Congress than Obama plans to use a combination of executive orders and administrative agency action to grant amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants. This will include such actions as continuing to prohibit the Border Patrol from patrolling certain areas of the border and prohibiting it from arresting and deporting illegal immigrants with no prior criminal record.

            6. If the lame duck Congress fails to repeal the “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy regarding homosexuals serving in the military Obama is considering taking action to repeal it through executive orders or administrative action.

            This is unprecedented in American history. The founding fathers of this nation carefully crafted the Constitution to establish three equal branches of government, the Executive Branch, the Legislative Branch, and the Judicial Branch. Each of these would have limited powers and would provide a balance of power that would not allow any one branch to be stronger than the others. The intent was to maintain the integrity of the Republic and make sure that ours was a government controlled by the people.

            The intent of Obama is clear. He intends to elevate the Executive Branch of government that he controls into the position of being supreme to the other two branches. This will effectively nullify the recent 2010 election results and allow him and his progressive allies to continue to impose their agenda on an unwilling American public. In fact, some of the actions, including the moves to limit freedom of speech and freedom of the press, are specifically designed to impact and control the outcomes of future elections. Much of this they will attempt to do quietly with the assurance that it will not be reported by the mainstream news media that has proven itself to be an ally of the extreme left agenda.

            This is not an obscure conspiracy theory. It is happening now and is documented. As Americans we cannot become complacent. We must be prepared to fight this and make sure the people we have elected to Congress do that also. The time for compromise and bipartisanship is gone. We are now in a fight to preserve our nation.

            For my part, I intend to spend more time monitoring not only what is happening in Congress, but also what the President and his team are doing, and what is occurring in the courts. While I rejoiced in the fact that the American people expressed their will in the recent elections I also feared the reaction that would come from the elitists who seek to destroy our nation. The reaction is happening and the battle lines are clearly drawn.

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Michael, I would very much enjoy reading your thoughts concerning the third branch of government, the Judical Branch, and how, if at all, it exercises check and balance authority over the Executive and Legislative Branches. It seems to me that this power is misdirected in that it only occurs after the fact and often many years later too boot and does little or nothing to proactively "prevent" atriocities against the Constitution such as those we are witnessing.

Congress can and should remove the funding to every one of these federal "alphabet" agencies. Then, follow up by selling all the real assets (buildings, vehicles, etc) to American private sector business interests. (NGOs and Non-profits should be disqualified from the bidding process, as these entities can be front organizations for socialists) This will put the bureaucrats out on the street... where they belong.

Our muslim president took an oath to uphold the Constitution. When any elected official pushing socialism, democracy , fascism, they are in violation of that oath. An should be kick out of office. As for obama, he commands a 13 million man army of bureaucrats. Under Article Two of the constitution , the president has very little power. Yet we have allow all Presidents to become kings since Roosevelt. They all use executive orders to by pass Congress, now Congress has 30 days to over turn these orders . The new President can over turn all executive orders but they refuse, Republican and democrats.

Dear Michael,
I think if we do NOT remove Obama from office IMMEDIATELY one way or another we are going to be living like the people of Cuba, China, Korea, Russia and quite frankly that is unacceptable. How do we force the Supreme Court into forcing Obama to provide proof of his eligibility? If they had done this when Lt. Col. Lakin was going through his court martial he would never have been sentenced to six months in jail and the loss of his career. IT''S PAST TIME TO PUT A STOP TO THIS, so how do we do this without violence? The violence is coming and it's picking up in pace due to the total frustration of the American people for having their Constitutional Rights stripped one by one every single day.

great post, thank you for keeping an eye on important things... America needs you!

How did we manage to do so badly? Because the younger generation has been educated by our government regulated school system which does not teach the Constitution or accurate world history and sometimes very little American history. It's dumbed down lemming style education.

Mr. Connelly: The Executive Orders started immediately after the swearing in party. This abuse of power (even bypassing his Party controlled Congress) has no parallel, except as conducted by FDR. The power of Congress handed over to "agencies" to make so-called "Regulations" is extreme, to say the least. We should oppose the notion (to use Obama's word) of Executive Orders. We need to revise the notion of agencies implementing "Regulations" to implement the laws passed by Congress. In current day, "Regulations" are nothing but new laws implemented by bypassing the otherwise lazy and "I don't care" members of Congress. Yes, a Constitutional crisis, indeed. But what else should we expect from a community organizer who hides his own history? How did we manage to do so badly?

Obama has been a real boost to this country in a short time. No other person could have awakened the people to stand up and fight for the U.S.A. and the Constitution like he has. We just have to keep on top of it and perhaps there is a chance to bring this big ship back on course. I see changes in the people. One person can make a difference.

"Live simply, Love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, Leave the rest to God"