The Fight is Just Beginning

          The battle has been joined and it has started again in its original point of origin, the great State of Massachusetts. Another shot has been fired that has been heard around the World, but this time it was not a musket shot at Lexington, Massachusetts, but it came from the ballot boxes in the same state. Americans rose up and said we will not surrender our basic human rights to a government that will not listen to us and wants to subjugate us to tyranny.

            The election of Scott Brown to the U.S. Senate was a clear signal that Americans do not want the Federal Government to control our access to health care, do not want to be taxed to pay for a socialist form of government that punishes us for our hard work and our spirit of free enterprise, and does not want to provide the protections of our Constitution to the terrorists who would kill us and destroy our way of life. Yet, it appears that the message has not yet been heard by many of those in Washington D.C.

            While the so called progressives are stunned and in disarray after they received the message from the American people they plan to continue to ignore it. They have signaled that while the current clearly unconstitutional health care bills are on the back burner, the original plan remains the same and they will try again to implement in the future. In the meantime, the hysterical reaction in the halls of Congress and among the left wing “mainstream media” should show us that the attacks on our Constitutional rights will not only continue, but be more intense than ever.

            This attitude was reinforced in the State of the Union Address by the President when he went forward with his push for the unconstitutional health care bill and also for the unconstitutional Cap and Trade bill that will impose massive regulations and new taxes on American businesses and ultimately the American people, and further limit our ability to produce energy independently. The bottom line is that Obama refused to back off of his socialist agenda and in order to implement it he is willing to violate the Constitution. In order to do this and defy the outcry of the American people he will need to resort to extraordinary measures.

            The first target will be our rights under the 1st Amendment to the Constitution. This amendment provides us with freedom of speech and freedom of the press and this has obviously become a major irritant to the left wingers in our country. Despite the fact that the major television networks and newspapers stopped reporting the news and became propaganda organs for the Obama administration, Americans continued to receive the truth though the radio talk shows of conservatives, though networks like Fox News, and through the efforts of independent sources on the Internet. Obama’s criticism of the media in his speech was clearly not aimed at his allies, but at the conservatives on talk radio and the news organizations like Fox that refuse to follow the party line. The left wingers are now making a concerted effort to shut off these sources.

            It has begun through the efforts of Mark Lloyd, the so called “Diversity Czar” appointed by Obama who views discussions of the freedom of speech and freedom of the press provided in the first amendment as “distractions”. He has also made it clear that he thinks the approach of Hugo Chavez in Venezuela is the one to take. Chavez has shut down numerous radio and television stations that disagree with his dictatorial policies and also jailed journalists. He has continuously stifled free speech. Of course, we can’t forget the bill pending in the U.S. Senate that would give the Federal government control over the Internet and allow Obama to take complete control over the Internet in any crisis that he declares exists.

            Then we have Cass Sunstein, Obama’s “Regulatory Czar” who has openly advocated the bringing of both socialism and ultimately communism to America and has shown his total distain for the Constitution by stating that it is Obama, and not the Supreme Court, that should ultimately interpret laws as to their Constitutionality. The President’s personal views on this were certainly confirmed by his unprecedented open criticism of the Supreme Court justices sitting in front of him during his State of the Union address. He chastised them publicly for upholding the 1st Amendment right of businesses to participate in the electoral process by contributing to candidates.  

            During the same speech Obama proclaims that he will ignore the will of the people through their elected representatives and appoint a Budget Commission that the Senate refused to vote for. He will do this by Executive order. This is another dangerous precedent that violates the Constitution and it follows his most recent Executive orders giving protections to Interpol, the International Investigative Police agency, that are not allowed to our domestic police agencies. Then there is the strange order allowing him to appoint a Commission to oversee the use of state National Guards and the military in the U.S.

            This latter action is particularly troubling since it seems to violate both the Constitution and other federal laws that have always given the Governors of each state the right to control the deployment and use of the National Guard units in their states. It further seems to allow Obama to deploy federal troops at his will to suppress what he considers domestic unrest. Does this mean he is planning to stifle protests to his administration? Who knows? We can’t tell from his speech, but as one who believes in the Constitutional rights of all Americans, I am very concerned by both the rhetoric and the actions.

When you add in the bills pending in Congress attempting to limit the right of Americans to keep and bear arms provided by the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution and the support of this administration of the United Nations Small Arms treaty that would also attempt to limit these rights then we have even more reason to be concerned. I believe the fight is just beginning.

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Question? Do u know what Texas has done about moving along "nullification" that we went to rally for in Austin? We have to protect our state so that we can concentrate on our nation....
Thanks for your blog!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for confirming my fears about our American liberties. I just put a post on my blog asking for help in composing a Resolution of sorts concerning abortion and "healthcare reform". My blog is relatively new and I am trying to fine tune it in preparation for my new radio program "Let's Talk About Life". My former program was "Your Christian World". While I have been trying to focus purely on life issues from a Biblical perspective, I can't seem to help but stick my foot in the political arena because of Roe vs. Wade and this new "healthcare" mess. While there are many destructive areas in the healthcare reform bill as you so clearly explain, I am trying to focus on the issue I understand the best. I do not want to pay to abort babies, no matter how this president wants to twist the words around. I am not politically schooled in any way and would appreciate any advice. Is a Citizen's Resolution or Statement a practical idea? Would it be more like a petition? I want to gather every name that will stand up and say "I do not want this!" Aren't we living in America? My Revolutionary hero is Patrick Henry, "Give me liberty or give me death!" (I have a blog post on him, too!)
I am truly afraid that it's going to come to a Revolution!

Mr. Connelly, I am grateful there are men and women such as yourself who are willing to voice the truth about what is happening to our great nation. Yes, I believe we are a graced people as many men and women have given their lives declaring this fact. However, I believe this nation is in great peril and it seems many are blind to the fact that what we once knew as a people has been stolen at a most alarming rate. I pray the people will begin to waken quickly or the freedoms we have known will be gone forever. Thanks for your service to our country past, present and future.

I am totally impressed by the comments I have read on this site. Each person is very insightful in discussing the issue at hand. This is so different from the lame comments I read on other news sites. My gratitude to Mr Connelly for making this site available and his expert explanation of the important issues we are facing.

Genial brief and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Thank you as your information.

Thanks to everyone for your comments. Since impeachment proceedings need to be initiated by Congress I don't see that happening in the current Congress. In addition, treason charges under the Constitution are very specific and difficult to initiate. However, Obama made it clear in his speech that is is willing to bypass Congress by initiating more Executive Orders and may even be contemplating ignoring the rulings of the Supreme Court. This makes it even more important that we elect a new Congress this year with members who are willing to fight this effort to violate the provisions of the Constitution. I am currently working with the U.S. Justice Foundation that is looking for ways to stop this all out assault on the Constitution and Bill of Rights. I will keep you informed with new posts on my blog. Keep up the good fight!

It is obvious that the oath required by the Constitution to support and defend it has absolutely no teeth. It would seem to a sane person that all of Congress and the President should be tried for perjury.

You must have the hand of God over your writing. It is done in a way for all to understand and your points are right on! What can we as Americans do about all of this before the elections in November? My fear is that some staging will be going on to stop us from fighting them back. It just breaks my heart to see the arrogance and audacity of our president speaking in the manner he did the other evening. I wonder if a civil war will happen again. I think on top of our actions and us looking up for guidance, God will give us a clear direction. Thank you so much for your facts of writings.

Michael, Your comments, observations and conclusions are right on the mark. As I wrote on January 25, 2010, Obama is not a great communicator but a great agitator and you highlighted many of the points that confirm this fact.
He is truly a one term President but if we can shorten his presidency, then I am "all in!"

Mr. Fleming, thanks for your comments, I'm trying to be patient until November, but I'm worried about what other changes BO will cram down our throats before then. Our good Senate shoved through adding another $1.9 trillion to our debt, now at $14.3T, the very next morning after that ghastly BO speech, and they squeaked that in before Scott Brown was seated, which, by the way, they're taking their good old time doing that, too. Anything to further their agenda. It's comforting to know that China owns more of our country than we do, isn't it? I think it's incredible how our govt refers to money, trillions and billions, makes a million sound pretty miniscule in the scheme of things...they talk about that like I talk about a hundred, a fifty, or a ten dollar bill. Gives one some insight on how out of touch with real people our govt is, must be easy since it's our money they're playing around with with such little regard.

Maybe treason is not the "right" word, maybe traitor is more accurate...one who betrays one's country, a cause, or a trust, especially one who commits treason. BO is most certainly a traitor to our country, in the most obvious ways. He does have an agenda alright, and it is to change this country completely, and he says he loves this country? He surely doesn't, he can't seem to apologize enough for it on his world tours.

Another thought, too, why was the issue of gays in the military a more important topic in his speech than national security and the terrorist trials in NYC, for instance? I'd say that was to get him in even better standing with his friends in the glamor capitol who also have no concept of what "real life" is all about anymore than he does.

And what's with the insult to the Supreme Court? It just goes on and on....I swear I could write a book. This is like a bad nightmare, only a person can't wake up from it....I can hardly wait to see what's new every morning.

Oh yeah, one more thing, don't you love how BO points his finger and smiles and seems to single out people as he's approaching the podium, just like an entertainer does when he's walking up on stage? I can hardly stand it another minute.