The Fight is Just Beginning

January 27, 2010

          The battle has been joined and it has started again in its original point of origin, the great State of Massachusetts. Another shot has been fired that has been heard around the World, but this time it was not a musket shot at Lexington, Massachusetts, but it came from the ballot boxes in the same state. Americans rose up and said we will not surrender our basic human rights to a government that will not listen to us and wants to subjugate us to tyranny.

            The election of Scott Brown to the U.S. Senate was a clear signal that Americans do not want the Federal Government to control our access to health care, do not want to be taxed to pay for a socialist form of government that punishes us for our hard work and our spirit of free enterprise, and does not want to provide the protections of our Constitution to the terrorists who would kill us and destroy our way of life. Yet, it appears that the message has not yet been heard by many of those in Washington D.C.

            While the so called progressives are stunned and in disarray after they received the message from the American people they plan to continue to ignore it. They have signaled that while the current clearly unconstitutional health care bills are on the back burner, the original plan remains the same and they will try again to implement in the future. In the meantime, the hysterical reaction in the halls of Congress and among the left wing “mainstream media” should show us that the attacks on our Constitutional rights will not only continue, but be more intense than ever.

            This attitude was reinforced in the State of the Union Address by the President when he went forward with his push for the unconstitutional health care bill and also for the unconstitutional Cap and Trade bill that will impose massive regulations and new taxes on American businesses and ultimately the American people, and further limit our ability to produce energy independently. The bottom line is that Obama refused to back off of his socialist agenda and in order to implement it he is willing to violate the Constitution. In order to do this and defy the outcry of the American people he will need to resort to extraordinary measures.

            The first target will be our rights under the 1st Amendment to the Constitution. This amendment provides us with freedom of speech and freedom of the press and this has obviously become a major irritant to the left wingers in our country. Despite the fact that the major television networks and newspapers stopped reporting the news and became propaganda organs for the Obama administration, Americans continued to receive the truth though the radio talk shows of conservatives, though networks like Fox News, and through the efforts of independent sources on the Internet. Obama’s criticism of the media in his speech was clearly not aimed at his allies, but at the conservatives on talk radio and the news organizations like Fox that refuse to follow the party line. The left wingers are now making a concerted effort to shut off these sources.

            It has begun through the efforts of Mark Lloyd, the so called “Diversity Czar” appointed by Obama who views discussions of the freedom of speech and freedom of the press provided in the first amendment as “distractions”. He has also made it clear that he thinks the approach of Hugo Chavez in Venezuela is the one to take. Chavez has shut down numerous radio and television stations that disagree with his dictatorial policies and also jailed journalists. He has continuously stifled free speech. Of course, we can’t forget the bill pending in the U.S. Senate that would give the Federal government control over the Internet and allow Obama to take complete control over the Internet in any crisis that he declares exists.

            Then we have Cass Sunstein, Obama’s “Regulatory Czar” who has openly advocated the bringing of both socialism and ultimately communism to America and has shown his total distain for the Constitution by stating that it is Obama, and not the Supreme Court, that should ultimately interpret laws as to their Constitutionality. The President’s personal views on this were certainly confirmed by his unprecedented open criticism of the Supreme Court justices sitting in front of him during his State of the Union address. He chastised them publicly for upholding the 1st Amendment right of businesses to participate in the electoral process by contributing to candidates.  

            During the same speech Obama proclaims that he will ignore the will of the people through their elected representatives and appoint a Budget Commission that the Senate refused to vote for. He will do this by Executive order. This is another dangerous precedent that violates the Constitution and it follows his most recent Executive orders giving protections to Interpol, the International Investigative Police agency, that are not allowed to our domestic police agencies. Then there is the strange order allowing him to appoint a Commission to oversee the use of state National Guards and the military in the U.S.

            This latter action is particularly troubling since it seems to violate both the Constitution and other federal laws that have always given the Governors of each state the right to control the deployment and use of the National Guard units in their states. It further seems to allow Obama to deploy federal troops at his will to suppress what he considers domestic unrest. Does this mean he is planning to stifle protests to his administration? Who knows? We can’t tell from his speech, but as one who believes in the Constitutional rights of all Americans, I am very concerned by both the rhetoric and the actions.

When you add in the bills pending in Congress attempting to limit the right of Americans to keep and bear arms provided by the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution and the support of this administration of the United Nations Small Arms treaty that would also attempt to limit these rights then we have even more reason to be concerned. I believe the fight is just beginning.

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Glad to hsee you addressing the latest Exec. Orders I have heard about. It is very concerning to me also, the wording on these orders as to the National Guards oversite by commissions appointed by him. Again, sidestepping the Congress, States authorities and Constitution. Massachusetts has caused him to dig in his heels about tearing down the country and his Chicago thuggery and thugs will be stepping up the pace.
The fight is just beginning!

I believe there is a word to describe what Obama is doing. When anyone makes war on the Constitution, I believe it is called treason. The time has come to oust him from office, and I believe our cowardly representatives and senators are well aware of that.

I am very upset about BO's dictatorial speech last night, as everyone in this country should be, more terrified than upset. We can't let this go on, or soon we won't be able to voice our opinions even on this blog without the fear of being taken away by BO's secret police. If you watched his speech on Fox, you could see that not all of the sheep in the audience were standing up and cheering at his brazenly bold and defiant words. He obviously hates our country and will not stop his "change" unless someone stops it for him. Scott Brown can't do it alone, and I'm worried about his safety, I'm sure he's in Obama's sights as a roadblock to his Communist agenda. Citizens had better take their blinders off and start paying attention to what his "change" is all about. Keith is right about BO's obvious acts of treason, who can we depend on to help us before it goes any further?

Thanks for the insightful post. As I listened to the SOTU address, I felt ... disgusted. How can anyone not see through his rhetoric? In my head I was thinking of the similarities between Obama's address and the movie "Thank You for Smoking" where it follows the life of a tobacco lobbyist, and how he is focused on winning the "debate" at all cost and by becoming an expert in putting a "spin" on the truth. At least the movie was sort-of funny, but what has happened since the "One" has been in office and today's exhibition of blatant defiance to the will and constitutional rights of the people is... scary and nothing short of grave concern. Fortunately, before his address I had a moment of clarity, a brainstorm. What can we do? I RECommend three simple things to cover a wide range if not comprehensive to do list: 1) Recall, 2) elections, 3) Control. Food for thought.

Re: treason, correct me if I'm wrong, the term is limited and specific and only applies during a formal declaration of war. As much as I'd like to put this label on our President, I dont think it applies. Impeachment? I'd like that too, but doubt highly that the Senate would or even could. So were back to the RECommendations.

Now recall gets me excited. Obviously doesnt apply to the President. However, recall of US reps and Senators ... hmm... interesting topic. Some say "we the people" dont have a right to recall US reps and Senators, only local "state officers"; that only Congress can dismiss "its own" according to the US constitution. Hmm...fishy. Your thoughts?

Election? Wow, cant wait to see how the 2010 elections and the expected backlash

Control? Big topic, but to me the key to winning this fight for "justice". That is first and foremost what we Americans are about. It amazes me how the socialist Democrats for decades have repeatedly tried to take the "general welfare clause" out of context as a blanket "right" for Congress to cure any an all ills of any individual or group of individuals. Sounds good, but a false Utopian morality, and unconstitutional. The Constitution does not give the feds the right or authority to relieve any individuals, or group or individual's suffering, as harsh as that may seem. Do you agree? Any act of Congress, even under the guise of "general welfare" must be judged based on the clear intent of the constitution as stated up front in its preamble - "to establish justice". Does the federal healthcare bill, cap and trade, etc establish justice? Hell no. Then it isnt for the "general welfare".

Michael, You are right on the target again! What a load of garbage that was last evening that was dumped on the public for 70 agonizing minutes. Is Obama attempting to best Fidel or Hugo in delivering hot air?
Yesterday I also learned of Obama's 2 Billion Dollar "gift" to Brazil to conduct off-shore exploration for oil. The company doing the drilling is partly owned, or subsidized, by George Soros. Let's invest that money here in the USA to pump our own oil of which we have at least a 200year supply at the current rate of usage. Oil is undeniably still the most economical fuel available. Let's focus on making our use of oil more efficient.

It would seem that President Obama did not receive the message delivered by the voters of Massachusetts and the pollsters who took the pulse of others around the country. A rational person would have said to himself that the people want unprecedented spending reined in. He would have determined that the people do not want the Federal Government to take over our health care system. He would have understood that the people do not want terrorists to be treated like common criminals but want them stopped before they have the chance to blow something up and kill more Americans. He would have come to realize that the people do not want to pay more for energy because Al Gore and his cadre of (un)scientists have said the planet is in danger, notwithstanding the fact that real scientists have proven that the data used by the (un)scientists to prove their theories was fabricated. Instead President Obama proved to all while delivering his State of the Union address that he is irrational.

In his State of the Union address Obama declared that we need another stimulus package even though his other stimulus packages have proven to be a total disaster. On top of that he now wants to spend billions of taxpayer dollars to build a high speed rail system, even though there is no demand for one. He defended his health care proposals and scolded the Republicans for being obstructionists. He urged the Senate to pass his "cap and tax" legislation and again scolded the Republicans for being obstructionists. He even went so far as to repeat the lie that global warming science is "settled." Finally, he did not even mention his disastrous national safety measures that include trials in New York for admitted terrorists and reading of Miranda rights to the Christmas bomber before we could gather intelligence regarding this new method of terrorism. Now we are still in the dark about the where and when of future attacks. Obama refers to Abdulmutallub as a poor "Nigerian Student" even though he comes from a wealthy family and was trained in Yemen. Obama really believes his "man caused disater" theory and he will get more Americans killed with his policies.

Michael, you are absolutely correct regarding Obama's attacks on our Constitutional rights. The scenarios you paint are frightening to any person who values freedom. But, it may be a greater concern that the elected leader of the most powerful country in the world has now proven to all that he is irrational. The height of insanity is doing the same thing over and over with the expectation of different results. The people can deal with an ideolouge but there is no dealing with someone who is irrational and whose ravings are applauded by a significant number of those serving in Congress. We must throw those who back Obama, Pelosi and Reid out of office next November and we must hope (to use Obama's own favorite word) Obama does not do any permanent damage to this great nation before we can throw him out of office in 2012. I urge everyone in the United States of America to "let freedom ring" loud and clear wherever they may go and in all they do.

Michael, in addition to elections, is there any actions we (the people or our Senators, etc.) can initiate before the elections to get Senators and House people out of office. e.g. they have abdicated their oath of upholding the Constitution of the U.S. by voting for a bill that has many affronts to the Constitution?
Is the President impeachable for his actions against the Constitution? What remedies might there be?

According to Barron's law Dictionary, Third Edition, treason is defined as follows: The crime of adhering to the enemy and rendering him aid and comfort. 25 U.S. 1, 3. Under the U.S. Constitution, treason may only consist of levying war against the United States or adhering to its enemies and giving them aid and comfort.... congress has adopted the constitutional definition of treason by making it a crime punishable by death, by imprisonment of not less than five years, and by a prohibition against holding public office. 18 U.S.C. Section 2381. In my humble opinion, when one makes war on the Constitution, he/she makes war on the United States and her people.

I would like to send Mr. Ob and all his cronies on a one way trip out of here. They are doing their darnest to impose their will on the US and break our constitution inspite of what we the people think or want. That word treason says it all in my opinion. There was an oath taken to uphold our laws and constitution of this land but the destruction of it appears to be their ultimate goal. Election time cannot come quick enough for me. I want them out of there!! LET FREEDOM RING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for your insightful interpretation of this iteration of the proposed 'health care reform' bill. I am astounded that while some 83% of Americans are satisfied with their healthcare coverage(I'm one), the current administration will dismantle it for the remaining percent. Jefferson warned that rule by anything other than the majority was Tyrany. Keep it up.. gk