The Truth About the Health Care Bills

August 12, 2009


            Well, I have done it! I have read the entire text of proposed House Bill 3200: The Affordable Health Care Choices Act of 2009. I studied it with particular emphasis from my area of expertise, constitutional law. I was frankly concerned that parts of the proposed law that were being discussed might be unconstitutional. What I found was far worse than what I had heard or expected.

            To begin with, much of what has been said about the law and its implications is in fact true, despite what the Democrats and the media are saying. The law does provide for rationing of health care, particularly where senior citizens and other classes of citizens are involved, free health care for illegal immigrants, free abortion services, and probably forced participation in abortions by members of the medical profession.

            The Bill will also eventually force private insurance companies out of business and put everyone into a government run system. All decisions about personal health care will ultimately be made by federal bureaucrats and most of them will not be health care professionals. Hospital admissions, payments to physicians, and allocations of necessary medical devices will be strictly controlled.

            However, as scary as all of that is, it just scratches the surface. In fact, I have concluded that this legislation really has no intention of providing affordable health care choices. Instead it is a convenient cover for the most massive transfer of power to the Executive Branch of government that has ever occurred, or even been contemplated. If this law or a similar one is adopted, major portions of the Constitution of the United States will effectively have been destroyed.

            The first thing to go will be the masterfully crafted balance of power between the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches of the U.S. Government. The Congress will be transferring to the Obama Administration authority in a number of different areas over the lives of the American people and the businesses they own. The irony is that the Congress doesn’t have any authority to legislate in most of those areas to begin with. I defy anyone to read the text of the U.S. Constitution and find any authority granted to the members of Congress to regulate health care.

            This legislation also provides for access by the appointees of the Obama administration of all of your personal healthcare information, your personal financial information, and the information of your employer, physician, and hospital. All of this is a direct violation of the specific provisions of the 4th Amendment to the Constitution protecting against unreasonable searches and seizures. You can also forget about the right to privacy. That will have been legislated into oblivion regardless of what the 3rd and 4th Amendments may provide.

            If you decide not to have healthcare insurance or if you have private insurance that is not deemed “acceptable” to the “Health Choices Administrator” appointed by Obama there will be a tax imposed on you. It is called a “tax” instead of a fine because of the intent to avoid application of the due process clause of the 5th Amendment. However, that doesn’t work because since there is nothing in the law that allows you to contest or appeal the imposition of the tax, it is definitely depriving someone of property without the “due process of law.

            So, there are three of those pesky amendments that the far left hate so much out the original ten in the Bill of Rights that are effectively nullified by this law. It doesn’t stop there though. The 9th Amendment that provides: “The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people;” The 10th Amendment states: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are preserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” Under the provisions of this piece of Congressional handiwork neither the people nor the states are going to have any rights or powers at all in many areas that once were theirs to control.

            I could write many more pages about this legislation, but I think you get the idea. This is not about health care; it is about seizing power and limiting rights. Article 6 of the Constitution requires the members of both houses of Congress to “be bound by oath or affirmation” to support the Constitution. If I was a member of Congress I would not be able to vote for this legislation or anything like it without feeling I was violating that sacred oath or affirmation. If I voted for it anyway I would hope the American people would hold me accountable.

            For those who might doubt the nature of this threat I suggest they consult the source. Here is a link to the Constitution: http://www.archives.gov/exhibits/charters/constitution_transcript.html

            And another to the Bill of Rights: http://www.archives.gov/exhibits/charters/bill_of_rights_transcript.html

            There you can see exactly what we are about to have taken from us.

Michael Connelly

Retired attorney,

Constitutional Law Instructor

Carrollton, Texas








Blog post

" Quote from:
19 MM September 9, 2009
I believe it is people like you who are inciting this nation to react before having the true facts. You seem to have a lot of criticism, but no answers. Please give this a chance and get all the facts of the FINAL Health Care package before expressing your opinions. I am tired of this nation being pulled apart. We need unity and solutions if we are to survive and thrive."

I might say that I also read HR3200 and can tell you that everything posted is true. I am not an attorney, but did not find the bill that difficult to understand nor did I have a problem understanding the over reach being done by this very socialist/marxist group of morons in Washington.

As far as anyone having to have solutions. Many other solutions were offered, and the only folks involved in this were the democrats with all others being locked out. The other ideas and solutions were ignored and the press gave them no coverage (nice try though...you listen to the commandant very well as his thing was listening to solutions but none were presented. In case you haven't figured it out yet, many folks in Washington right now are accomplished liars).

Now for something Mr. Connelly didn't mention. We have been told this bill will cost less than 1 trillion and the latest word is 5 trillion and the democrats move forward cause they are pushing it off on the states and taking from the elderly (heah, they really want to kill us off anyway).




Thank You Sir, For your truthfulness. Your bravery.
God help us all.We the people need to vote them all out next year. I cut and pasted your letter and sent it on its way to my congressman and my senator. They need to know that we know the truth. God Bless You and Yours!


Is it possible to impeach all these who are doing us in. They are voting in raises and then denying COLA. Its pathetic. They need to know (as if they care) people don't plan to vote them back in.
But what do they care , they have a lifetime retirement , which by the way SHOULD be against the law to vote themselves raises all the time. And handsome raises they are at that.
Why can't they get by on the same allowances the "regular" people are given??????


I have worked for the government for 23 years and I have never seen anything managed by them that has ever worked properly. I have been from the bottom of the pile to Washington D.C. and it's always the same answer, we aren't in business to make money just to spend it . From the $200.00 hammer to the $300.00 toilet seat it seems never ending. How can we possibly expect our government to possibly handle a 870 billion dollar health care plan when the Postal Service and Social Security System are such a catastrophy. I watched Harry Reid say on C-Span when the last Senator was holding out to get everything free for his state that this is what politics is all about, give and take. I call it blackmail. On the federal level our Senators and Congressmen are there to make sure our government is run efficiently and properly, not to see what they can possibly blackmail each other for. It is nothing more than a power struggle. "I have more seniority", give me what I want. What a way to run a country.

Why is it manditory at age 65 that everyone has to receive Medicare part A. I can give you 500 names of people that have exceptional health care and they don't need the Federal government to pay for part A. Why should the taxpayer pay for this? So Insurance Companies can make more money. Who mandated this, our Senators and Congressmen. Where does it end? Through our Judicial System. What we need are people like Mr. Connelly to standup and be heard so this country isn't completely destroyed.
Semper Fi.


Working for the government is a priviledge. The Veterans that are stiting in the hospitals with no legs, etc. have given to this country while this government will not support its people! We have given over 40 yrs to this country and the people spending our money should be treating it with extremely tender care! They who pay the least are spending others' money and that is a sacred trust! The people need a voice! We need to clean house, not just vote them out. Who wrote this Bill that is taken up as a banner masquerading as "Care"? What do WE do before this country sinks? Mr. Connelly has the spark of a leader. A good leader is hard to find! Mr. Connelly, thank you for your perspective. God Bless Us All!!!


I just hope the Supreme Court wakes up and realizes the consequences this legislation will have on keeping the powers of the three branches of government separate.


Since we know all this.
Why is there no action to prosecute them on violating the US Constitution.
Do we as citizens have to hire lawyer(s) to protect our Continutional rights.
Where are the check & balances promised in our U.S. Contitution?
I strongly agree with impeaching Obama and anyone/everyone who violates the constitution they promised to uphold.
Who is watching the store???
Pat Corrao


I thought it was appropriate to repost your blog in it's entirety for the new year. I received an email with an abridged version, checked Snopes, and found your website. I wrote an article and re-shared your words with world, properly cited. http://www.examiner.com/x-34473-Houston-Conservative-Examiner~y2010m1d3-Michael-Connelly-actually-read-the-entire-Health-Care-Bill-3200


What's REALLY interesting is that some of these commenters want Michael Connelly to explain himself further and offer proof, etc. From what I see, he's a private citizen with Constitutional law experience offering an opinion. I wonder if these same people are demanding explanations from their own representatives to clarify all sections of the Bill or just trusting them to do "the right thing."

Meanwhile, we the American people can't get our ELECTED representatives to compose the bill (SEIU did that), read the entire bill (not enough time cuz it's an EMERGENCY!!), comprehend the bill and/or explain the bill to the very people who elected them and to whom they have an obligation to answer.

Hope young people are paying attention to these issues because they effect you and your children very much. As of today, each U.S. citizen (adults & children) has a debt liability of $346,362 and it's climbing. http://www.usdebtclock.org/


Have also read portions of the bill and everything you have said is pretty acurate. For thos who want specific passages chapter and verse as we say in the church, I suggest you go to tulsa912project.com and you will find a considerabel listing of the bill language by section, subsection, and line to back up what is being said. However, that being said and supplied I say to those who think the Constitution is dead to get off their dead ass and leave the country or study the Constitution and the foundeers principles and discussions about how it is to be applied especially the general welfare clause. George Washington was very specific on that issue. Any congressman who votes for this bill needs to be eliminated hands down. They all know it is unconstitutional and don't really give a damn because they are there for their own greed and position in the new society that has been being built at high speed since the 1880's. This society is to change from individual self governance in freedom and respect to corporate covernance. A government of the corporations, by the corporations, and for the corporations. Pay attention to history and you will see the entire pattern in fron of your face. They have almost completed the take over again. We must each rise up and re-establish the Constitution by using it as jurors, voters, and political activists, from a place of constitutional education and understanding. Get up, get busy, or get the hell out. The free ride is over because freedom isn't free.


It seems to me that three things need to be done for healthcare. Each item being a separate item not glommed together into a bunch of politispeak.

One: Look over the Medicaid system in each state and fill in the gaps, without becoming big brother. There already is healthcare in place, make it work. Help people get on it, especially children. I don't think the Medicare program needs repair, but if it does fix it.

Two: Subsidize families, based on their family size and income, for high insurance rates. Simplified and to the point with out any gobbledy goop included.

Three: insure that insurance companies, doctor's, hospitals and drug companies aren't scalping us, at least not any more than the government is. Not to big brother it to death, but perhaps an annual report of expense and revenue filed at tax time could go a long way toward insuring that. For the most part laws that are already in place should be protecting the consumer. No I am not recommending another czar.

For the most part I don't think we are being over-charged, I see the reports Blue Shield and Medicare send me and believe me they are not getting over paid. Inflation, deflation,reflation & flatuation is getting us all.

Maybe I'm over simplifying, maybe I don't know what I'm talking about. But it is clear to me that we don't need another 500 page law to control us. That is what is wrong with out country and others as well, when Jefferson said everyone should know how to read, subsequent congresses, senates, etc. had to do something about it. What they did was take the simple to the point Constitution and cover it up and bury it in complex language that very few, if any, could understand all at once, or read in a single setting or even in a year of setting there trying to read it every day. If you have other interests, well . . .


Your purported constituional and factual analysisl citing no case law or actual language of the bill is a pathetic joke. Legitmae and responsible debate is welcome and healthy, you are a certifiable crackpot.

The federal government has enumerated power to regulate healthcare under the Commerce Clause and the Necessary and Proper Clause. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Commerce_Clause

Same thing that allows them to regulate the banking and financial institutions, securities markets, food safety, pharmaceuticals. Congress has used these powers to our great benefit (e.g in outlawing price fixing and monopolies, securities fraud, dangerous pharmaceuticals) to our very great benefit. It is one of the reasons our Country has had such success. The fact that you post puported comments on constitutionality without mentioning the Commerce Clause and related U.S. Supreme Court authority is conclusive proof that you are a crackpot of the highest order.


I appreciated your article on the so called Health Reform Bill, as it was in August.
Having moved from Texas to Georgia many years ago, and currently taking notice of Texas moving closer to taking a stand as it relates to the 10th Amenment, would it be possible for you to provide a primer on the subject. Also, what actions would a State need to take to stand it's ground vs the Federal Government? It seems to me that this is the means to regain the liberties eroaded through years of neglectd and mistrust.

I am encouraged in reading about the power of the local sheriff in each county. A real power in the community, if they choose to be.

The progressives will not take the liberties and God given rights from the hard working core of loyal Americans.

There is a "line in the sand".




Thank you. True Americans ARE behind you. Keep up the fight!



I am writing to you today because I am outraged by what's happening with Health care legislation in Washington. As co-chair of the Republicans for Action organization, I have closely followed this debate.

I'm incredibly thankful that Attorney General Tom Corbett is actively working with his counterparts nationwide to determine the constitutionality of the Nelson Amendment, which exempts Nebraska from paying Medicaid expenses, and places that burden on states like Pennsylvania. Please, share this email with friends and family, this is an important story that must get out.

Tom sees the inequity of this exemption and the financial burden that it represents to all of us. Pennsylvanians pay close to 15 billion dollars per year for Medicaid; should we now be responsible for Nebraska's costs as well?

Tom's commitment to protecting Pennsylvania's taxpayers is exactly the type of leadership we need and deserve. That's why I am supporting Tom Corbett to be the next Governor of Pennsylvania. I hope you'll take a moment and share my email with your friends, lets make sure Pennsylvania's taxpayers know that Tom Corbett is standing up for them.


Carol Ann Sasso
Republicans for Action

PS Mr. Connelly-you should send your article to the ~13 State DA's who are planning to challenge the constitutionality of certain sections of the latest version of the Senate bill.


Some of you people are so stupid! The Dem's want control!!!!!! It's not health-care at all!!!! They want to control EVERTHING!!!!


Mr. Connlley's statements is just a bunch of Republican lies/propaganda. You lost the last election because of Repub blunders and "Smirk-face" (GWB) lies. We have the worst economy since the "Great Depression, so all the propaganda has run amuck lately and all the Repubs are mad at the Dems because of what happened in the last 8 years that was in Repub control. Talk about hypocrits.


Any bill that takes 2000 pages to write for health care is not put together correctly. There is not a single health care insurance policy that takes even 100 pages to write. They need to scrap this mess and start over. God help us if they get this thru. If the do then we need to vote every one of them, or their same-party replacements out.


Hi Michael Thanks for helping out, I have been wondering how my socialized wellfare works til now. (I am an American but live now in Europe)... I understand that its difficult for many americans who enjoy things how they are in the US to change... but I think there is something that needs fixed in the system there. and there isnt an easy solution. I think shaking it up is scary but I think there is alot of misiformation out there to scare people to work against it.

I have to say in ten years of living in Europe, I pay higher taxes but I really never worry about health care. I get what I need when I need it, free no strings attached.. and for an extra 800 USD a year I get private care and can have faster service private hospitals and overall a little better care than normally.
the more people are encited and the more people reisit the change in the status quo the harder the bill will be one everyone, therefore the longer it will take to become a solid and good thing for America...After all everyone should have healthcare... even those who cant afford it. including immigrants... after all I am one too, a white male anglo one.


Mike, I appreciate your view of how socialized medicine actually works rather than here it from talk shows. However, I think there are a few points I would need to make.
1. ) What country are you in? Europe is fairly vague.
2.) What is the worst problem you have had medically and how was it handled?
3.) Can you say that the care given for more serious problems or geriatric needs are as advanced and optional like they are here?
4.) Unlike most European countries - the US Constitution does not allow reform (needed or not) to be implemented in such a manner as this. We do not get to ignore the constitution whenever we wish - it is absolute. If it needs to be changed - there are ways to do that.
5.) What so many supporters fail to grasp is that there are many better ways to IMPROVE healthcare and make it more affordable and available to citizens...but that is not what this bill is offering. Those proposals have been ignored by this one party government we have today.

I often theorize that many Americans truly feel that if the US adopts a socialist government that somehow we will also get a European culture. That is not the case...a Socialist government in a country of this size would resemble the USSR - not France.

I agree, everyone should have healthcare...but this Bill is not the way to do it. If it is so good, then why will there still be 8 Million (instead of the 11 million currently) Americans still without insurance ? Sorry, Immigrants (legal) should get access to healthcare...those here ILLEGALLY that do not pay any taxes - NO.



I don't even know where to begin. You say this is just propaganda and then go into an emotional diatribe that is only a regurgitation of liberal propaganda. If this is just garbage then please feel free to challenge Mr. Connelly's post in a factual and logical manner.

Just to correct you. Democrats controlled both houses the last 2 years of Pres. Bush's 2nd term. During the prior six years Democrats did nothing to help the country as they were too busy not cooperating, being disrespectful to his office, and using filibusters as often as possible to slow any type of real progress. As far as his "lies" go...please prove that statement as well - and remember - in order for something to be a lie you must know it to be false when you state it.

Finally, there is a global recession - but the current administration could have done much more to slow and turn this economy around - but instead - used it to create the largest US deficit in all of history, give more power to the government and barely make a dent in the recession (I am referring to the Stimulus Bill). Let's not forget - that this recession started with the SAME Democrat controlled congress that was there when Bush was in office. The president has changed and yet we still have a bad economy. The pendulum of power will swing the other way.


Mike, I am an alternative physician and have watched in horror as government has destroyed many alternative health choices. This legislation is the final takeover. I have had to jump into a study of law with the most brilliant legal mind I have ever known to discover how the government has done these things.
Indeed, the alleged government does have the power to do it, unbeknownst to the public and even constitutional attorneys, but via a stealth means no one heretofore has figured out.

The government has encroached on all our freedoms and is regulating us from cradle to grave. How? Through the lifeblood of the nation: the currency. Federal Reserve Notes are the privately owned property of the private institution known as the FRB, which notes are in international commerce. (Title 12 section 411) They are loaned to the Federal Government and forced upon us. As liened property of the government, they are subject to regulation under the commerce clause and Article 4 respecting the territory or "other Property" of the United States. Hence, everything the Feds are doing is perfectly legal in this scheme, though the Achilles heel is fraud or fraudulent concealment, in that we have not been informed that our use of the fiat currency has compelled us into a foreign Admiralty jurisdiction, which jurisdiction is the basis of all Federal dictates from taxation to now a disease maintenance takeover.
My co-author and I have published a book called "They Own It All (Including You!)" available at Amazon. We have revealed new heretofore never seen information and recent court case that has enabled us to connect the dots that the loss of our freedoms is connected to one common denominator: toxic currency and removal of lawful money from circulation. There is no conjecture. Everything is proven, including a letter from a major taxing agency returning a lawful gold coin tendered for payment of an alleged tax. They refused the payment calling it an invalid financial instrument. Yes, as long as we continue to voluntarily use FRNs, we will be subject to what appears to be unconstitutional laws, not understanding that Pelosi told us the truth about how they are doing this. It is all through the commerce clause and through our use of their property called Federal Reserve Notes.
They can only "see" debt instruments. They cannot see nor do they have any jurisdiction over lawful money. We prove that without a doubt. They are a third party in ALL transactions using their property (FRNs).


You state that the Dems controled both houses. Your info is totally wrong. It was 49-49 with 2 independents. You are as dumb as smirk-face and shoot--in-the-face.


As to overturning Obamacare with fuuture congresses, please comment on this:
Harry Reid slips in a bombshell for Obamacare foes
Rick Moran

What did we ever do to deserve Harry Reid?

When the "manager's amendment" was passed in the dead of night, I pointed out that the wonks had yet to give it a good going over to discern what other surprises might lurk in the convoluted language used to obscure so much in the bill.

I'm sure you'll be happy to know that the wonks have not disappointed us.

Buried in the amendment is a bombshell; there will be no way to amend parts of Obamacare. Apparently, Reid wants to make this bill something like a royal decree where no one can change what has already been wrought.

The Weekly Standard blog has the story:

Senator Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) pointed out some rather astounding language in the Senate health care bill during floor remarks tonight. First, he noted that there are a number of changes to Senate rules in the bill--and it's supposed to take a 2/3 vote to change the rules. And then he pointed out that the Reid bill declares on page 1020 that the Independent Medicare Advisory Board cannot be repealed by future Congresses:

There's one provision that I found particularly troubling and it's under section c, titled "limitations on changes to this subsection."

And I quote -- "it shall not be in order in the senate or the house of representatives to consider any bill, resolution, amendment, or conference report that would repeal or otherwise change this subsection."

This is not legislation. It's not law. This is a rule change. It's a pretty big deal. We will be passing a new law and at the same time creating a senate rule that makes it out of order to amend or even repeal the law.

I'm not even sure that it's constitutional, but if it is, it most certainly is a senate rule. I don't see why the majority party wouldn't put this in every bill. If you like your law, you most certainly would want it to have force for future senates.

I mean, we want to bind future congresses. This goes to the fundamental purpose of senate rules: To prevent a tyrannical majority from trampling the rights of the minority or of future co congresses.

Get that? No repeal, no amendments, no nothing. That part of Obamacare is as set in stone as the idea that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. It is unalterable - which, of course, means the entire bill is off limits.

The goal is to guard against the possibility that the GOP may win back the House and Senate some day and may wish to repeal or drastically alter Obamacare. In the dead of night, Harry Reid has turned the United States from a constitutional republic into a banana republic monarchy.


Let's all hope and pray that we will be able to read and understand the bill, l in it's final form, (as promised by Obama) before they vote on it.


Rick would make a great LIBERALPolitician. He has no idea what he is talking about when he states that the recession was caused be republicans policies. The first 6 years of George Bush the Republicans did not have 60 members of the senate like the Democrats have now. and also things were good until the Democrats took over in the last 2 years of his Presidency. Democrats were receiving sweet deals from AIG and the other financial institutions and they forced them to make loan to people that had no jobs and people that were low income. yOU WILL SEE THE INSURANCE IS A SHAM WHEN YOU START PAYING FOR IT THIS YEAR AND NO BENEFITS TILL 2013. AND SENIORS WILL BE LEFT WITH NO MEDICARE, WHICH I PAID FOR FOR 45 YEARS BEFORE I BECAME ELGIBLE FOR IT.


I find most interesting that the ones trashing this man's hardwork are the same ones believing totally in out Govt as to be trusted! You all prove one thing, its interpretation of what you read or better yet "What the govt wants you to BELIEVE" This is exactly why you should have one thought....why are laws written and bills adopted with so many possible meanings? Is this the way Lawmakers assure themselves of never being out of work? Why is it they cant be SPECIFIC enough so us regular folks can truely understand a Bill thats is actually a benefit to the masses? That is my biggest beef with all the said arguments and trash talking here! NO ONE can say what any of this 2,700+ page bill means! Its nothing but a maze of confussion, and it is written that way for a purpose! Why did this Bill start with 900+ pages and now is over 2,700+ pages? Why cant lawmakers say in fact, Abortions will not be covered in this health bill? Why cant lawmakers say anyone illeagally in this country gets no coverage until they go through the process of being a legal citizen? Why doesn't the bill state in FACT that if you are happy with your insurer, then you may keep them, or shop with someone else and not ever forced on a Govt run health care policy? And lastly, DONT ADD to a bill that pays off 4 Democrats just to get a YES VOTE!


I too find it all too confusing. I thank you Michael for taking the time to read the whole bill. I, like some other readers, tried to read the entire bill and as stated, it is nebulous. One issue that you mentioned....the tax vs fine....I have a relative living in Massachusettes where they have implemented mandatory health care reform. This person has to buy his own insurance. Based on the govt. calculations, anyone making over $32,000 can afford their own ins. (not govt subsidized). In looking at the cost of the plans he would have to pay 10% of his income to provide health care. Since he did not "buy" health care last year (2009) he will thus be penalized $1068.00 on his income tax return this year. It's forced cooperation. buy insurance at a cost "we" think you can afford, or pay us a fine/tax for not doing so. If this is the way of the future, then let it fall on the states to legislate. If we look at the number of people we are calling "uninsured" how many of them are illegal immigrants? Not wanting our healthcare dollars spent on illegal immigrants is quickly being dubbed intolerant. That's another issue that needs to be addressed. Many of the illegal immigrants use the hospitals and walk in centers for "free" care that the rest of us can't access. We all pay for that which adds to the high cost of health care. I am not being intolerant when I expect that the laws under which immigrants come into this country should be upheld. If we're not going to uphold the laws then why make them in the first place. If that's the case then those immigrants who are here legally and stuck in the hopeless bureaucracy of visas, green cards, deportations and other equally humiliating and frustrating laws, should just be let in, given health insurance, social security and education similar to those benefits now enjoyed by the "illegal" immigrant. Why have the immigration laws? I'm not intolerant (our country is founded on immigrants) but "illegal" used to mean something.
A recommendation for a 28th Amendment is being circulated around the internet....it says, "Congress shall make no law that applies to the citizens of the United
States that does not apply equally to the Senators or Representatives,
and Congress shall make no law that applies to the Senators or
Representatives that does not apply equally to the citizens of the
United States ."
For all those out there who think this bill is so great and that they are acting in our best interests....please, please explain to me why they don't think it's good enough for them. That is in fact truth, that they have voted themselves an exception to any health care reform they pass. Hmmmmm!!!!!! Makes you kind of wonder doesn't it?


Thank you !!!


I can tell the libs by the name calling they are doing when they comment. pretty normal.

The facts are simple; the current administration, much of congress, and especially the president do not care if any new health-care bill actually works. They really don't care if the stimulus plan, the bank bailout, etc. actually do any good. They just want enough change to the political landscape and economic power structure to shift to the government, so they have much more control.....leading to socialism.

The majority may not want this, but these people don't care because they know what's best. Plus they will remain in charge of things long enough to not have to worry about these changes adversely affecting them. They are the narcissists, the rich socialists. (oxymoron)


I just read this entire blog start to finish... took over an hour and a half. I have also read the healthcare bill as well (as it stood before)... it took me several days.

The best posts on here are 1- The original post by Mr. Connelly (great, insightful opinion)... and 2- the posts that talk about "progressives" and the "Cloward-Piven Strategy".

I believe the most important thing to take away from this suppossed "Health Care Crisis" (I think Haiti has a crisis - we do not) would be "what is underneath/behind this effort". And I think that can be summed up best with a quote from the man himself... "We are on our way to "fundamentally" changing this nation"... B. H. Obama (Head Czar and Progressive in Charge) and now President of the United States.

What was so wrong that we need to fundamentally change the country? And what does that really mean? Now go back and re-read all the posts about this "attack" on our Constitution... and about where this country is really headed? IF THE PEOPLE DON'T STAND UP AND STOP THIS OFFENSIVE ON THE CONSTITUTION AND THE REPUBLIC - THIS COUNTRY WILL "FUNDAMENTALLY BE CHANGED".


Thank you for writing the truth about the health care bill & our government. America needs help if we are going to stay a democracy. Please tell us what we can do to fight for our nation.

Eleanor Shepherd


To those in favor of this bill who critisize those who oppose it as being ill informed, spreading "scare tactics", citing the cost of our current health care policies and America's current world ranking ranking in quality of health care:
1) I would propose that it is the proponents of this bill who are ill informed. At least the opponents have made some attempt to educate themselves on it's content; in spite of the Obama administrations attempts to keep it secret and hidden. There are things in this bill that would scare the living daylights out of any freedom loving Ameriacan. Unless you honestly believe that the government knows more about how to run your life than you do, in which case you shouldn't be making that decision for me, you would at least want to know what you're buying into.
2) The cost of health care has risen dramatically in the last 20 or so years. Irrefutable! But it's no coincidence that these increases correspond to government invovlement in health care. Medicare and Medicaid are a disaster that has reeked havoc through the medical industry. Obama says there are BILLIONS of dollars of waste and fraud in these programs, but of course nothing will be done about that waste and fraud until the government gains control of the entire health care system. People, these are government programs! If they can't make these work how in the world will they be more efficient by expanding their control? Name one government program that isnt wasteful and ineffective. There aren't any. We should be looking at ways to get government OUT OF health care instead of seeking more invovlement.
3) The UN says America ranks 23rd in health care quality. That august body with no ulterior motives except for wanting the world to be a better place. Please. If you're going to cite a source at least use one with some credibility.
3) The Republicans have offered no alternatives so they can't complain. When was the last time a Republican has been invited to participate in this power grab by the Democrats? This has been a closed process from day one. The breakneck pace to shove this thing through should tell you there's something there that King Obama doesn't want the American people to know about. Where theres smoke, theres a "progressive" Democrat.
4) If opponents are using scare tactics by citing misrepresenting the wording in the bill then quote the actual verbage that refutes their interpretation. When opponents quote from the bill those in favor of socialized health care can only say "stop using scare tactics". Well, if the wording of the bill is darned scary maybe the bill should be dropped.
5) The statistic so often used of how many people in this country don't have health care is intentionally misleading. Most of those in that number have access to health care they just choose not to pay for it. They're young and figure the cost of going to a doctor once or twice a year for a minor issue is less than the cost of a comprehensive medical plan so they take a pass. But that's not good enough for the socialists. We all have to be the same. If you insist on paying for something they don't want to pay for then set up a pool that you can send your money to and give it away from that. For the truly needy there is already Medicaid, that well oiled machine of a government run program. Count me out. I like what I've got. I've worked hard for it and so has everyone in my family.
What this all comes down to is this; the government has nothing to give away. Anything it gives one person it has to take away from someone else. If they're going to take something from me to give to you then I should at least have something to say about it. The majority of the people in this country, and this too is irrefutable, do not want this program. What gives you the right to tell the majority of us that we have to have it whether we want it or not.
GOD bless America.


Mr. Connelly,
Do you think that there will be lawsuits filed to challenge the points that you made about the legislation being unconstitutional if it passes?


How in God's name do we stop it and how quickly can we stop it?


Thank you for attempting to use some common sense with a complicated issue. I happened to pull up a study that was done by Johns Hopkins in 2004. Not related to healthcare but to the fact that there were so few Doctors represented in the Legislatures. They had studied the background of all Legislators from 1960 to 2004. OMG...44% were lawyers and only 13% were of Business backgrounds, the rest were various occupations. Now wonder we are in a mess. I know these people mean well. But you can't run a Free Enterprise Society with only 13% of the people having a Business Management background. So our country is being run by Lawyers...therein lies the problem. I don't hire an electrician to do my plumbing, right? Citizens with Business Management background can't afford to serve...but we need them. England lost it's Free Enterprise system quickly after the Industrial Revolution. Farmers and Business people could not serve in order to provide for the masses--in came the Lawyers with not enough Business background. So there is our problem. But I see a solution. That is to encourage more business people to serve and look at the qualifications of the current people (can they even balance their own checkbooks).. Personally I would like to vote them all out and start fresh. I do not want to leave this mess to our kids. Free Enterprise is an awesome idea we have been screwing it up big time. Our forefathers did not foresee the Industrial Revolution.


Why can't the healthcare bill be discussed on cspan as the president promised? Is he afraid that we will not approve.? This is not transparency. I want the whole truth and so does every citizen of the USA.


Just curious... are there any US code which would would restrict Congress from enacting "kitchen sink" legislation like there are in certain states whose constitutions restrict legislative acts to one object or declared objects in the act?

From one state's constitution:

6-30. Acts to embrace but one object -- Time of effect.

No act hereafter passed shall embrace more than one object, and that shall be expressed in the title. But if any object shall be embraced in an act which is not so expressed, the act shall be void only as to so much thereof, as shall not be so expressed, and no law shall be revived, or amended, by reference to its title only; but the law revived, or the section amended, shall be inserted at large, in the new act.


Thank You for pointing out such important issues and taking the time to do so. I must admit, there are certain items I don't grasp and then there are ones that jump out like a poisonous snake attacking their prey. Reading this bill makes me feel like that "HELPLESS PREY" which we are all going to feel if this bill passes. In short the way I feel is this!


It is truly amazing how many kitchen Lawyers are available to attack someone who may just know more than they do. Americans should learn to read , listen and crically question the agendas of those who attack , especially those who use personal affronts in the attempt to discredit an opinion. If the healthcare legislation being foiste on America is so wonderful why does it have to be conceived behind closed doors and with bribes and special deals?


We have to stop Obama soon.


Hi MIchael - Thank you for your summary. However, Michael (response number 1 dated August 19) brings up a good point. Could you identify the sections of the bill you describe? I would like to read these sections to determine whether I agree or disagree. Thanks again for your comments.


It was difficult to cite specific sections of HR 3200 for several reasons. First, much of what I refer to as being done by the bill may not be in just one particular section. Instead the preparers attempt to hide their actual intent by spreading things throughout the bill in different sections. Second, any specific section I referred to by number in the original article would change since the Congress had returned from recess and started trying to rework the bill to make it seem more reasonable to the American people. In fact the new bill, HR 3962 contains the same provisions but on different pages with different section numbers. In other words, what was contained in Section 1173A of the original bill that provides for government electronic access to private information may be renumbered and contain something totally different tomorrow.
However, here are some of the most pertinent sections of the original bill dealing with some of the areas you are asking about. Section 113 gives the government control over all health insurance, private and public. Section 141 authorizes the appointment of the Health Choices Administrator. He or she will answer to no one other than the President. Sections 201 and 203 give this person the power to decide what benefits you can get in your insurance, whether public or private. This opens the door for health care rationing. This is further mandated by Section 225 that gives the administrator complete control over hospitals and doctors. It sets the fees that can be charged and the services that can be provided.
If the Administrator decides you didn’t need to be hospitalized the hospital can be fined for “breaking the government rules.” This also opens the door for the Administrator to force hospitals and physicians to perform abortions. All health procedures will mandated by the government. There is also no provision for services to be provided only to citizens or legal residents of the United States. Supposedly they can’t get credits for the insurance, but there is no way to enforce this. This means that since illegal aliens get the services now, they will continue to do so. In fact, the newest house version only requires proof of residence, not legal residency.
Here is a link to the entire new version of the House bill and the new Senate version where you can look up these and other provisions: http://thomas.loc.gov/. You might also want to read the other posts on my blog where I discuss much of this.


To Sarah Katz, author of comment 11 - GET REAL! I mean: what is it that you TRULY believe in??? You said: "Ultimately, who will pay the cost of care for people who cannot pay for it themselves?" Than you say: "That is what true American independence means; standing on one’s own two feet and paying one’s own way." AND: "Unlike Republicans, I don’t believe in free lunches or free-loading. I am far from being in that 2%-3% likely to see my taxes increased. However ..."
What do I say??? Typical DOUBLETALK from the left -- and windy too!
You quote your percentages and factors to sound the self-professed "Educated-Left," all the while ignoring the underlying facts (which is common sense): Of course the percentage of uninsured will increase along with the increase in population. ESPECIALLY when our population increase is widely of immigrant nature.
Mr. Connelly should run for office.


Dear Michael,

I applaud your fortitude in actually reading the entire bill. I attempted it myself but aside from digesting large sections of it I don’t think I made it through half. My eyes glazed over. But I read the sections about the powers of the Health Choices Administrator (Czar?) and the powers to not only access one’s financial info but also to just take what monies they please. Scary stuff.

I discovered your article by sheer accident while visiting Snopes. I was checking the pedigree of an article that ostensibly appeared in Pravda when I spotted “Health Care Bill” in a link and decided to look into it. I’m glad I did and I will be forwarding your article on to everyone I know.

You have correctly identified the threat this legislation contains, something I only sensed but couldn’t verbalize. I’m grateful to you for that as well. I never thought much about political organizations except to be instinctively suspicious of them but I also know that one voice won’t accomplish anything. I know that in order to decisively stop this from happening it will require an organized effort, to achieve the “critical mass” that Gandhi described. So the organizations that have been forming, the “Tea Party”, the “We The People Foundation” and the like, suddenly seem to have a place and purpose I didn’t see before. I think it’s time I got off the sidelines and added my voice, to stop being an observer and become a participant, else what kind of world am I leaving my children?


My Representative (Greg Walden) said in a talk in my home town that he had SIXTEEN HOURS to read through the over-2000 pages before being required to vote. SIXTEEN HOURS FOR 2OOO+ PAGES!

HR3200 is long gone. An even more complex and dense document is now in its place, purposely made so in hopes that legislators will just give up and vote "aye" so they can look like they're showing "compassion" and "care". "Trust us! Just vote "aye" and everything will be OK" say the Obama minions.

The sheer number of iterations of Health Care legislation right now is ON PURPOSE. The whole effort is intended to confuse and delude. Most Americans are now wise to this tactic and are now against it completely.

A major revision and improvement of American health care can be contained in less than 200 pages. The Republicans have already done this! It consists of Tort Reform and allowing the purchase of insurance across State lines to improve competition.

The current efforts in Washington have nothing to do with improving and increasing health care. It is only about usurpation of power and gathering it in one place, the White House, with the intention of creating America's first and final dictatorship.

The entire "Progressive" movement began when some egg-head decided that the American people are to stupid to run their own lives around the turn of the last century. "Pwogs" have been pushing this idea in one iteration or another ever since.

It is not Government's obligation or duty to provide health care. It is the responsibilty of every citizen to take care of his own health, just as it is every citizen's responsibility to defend himself.


"It is the responsibilty of every citizen to take care of his own health"

How can we do this when the insurance companies price insurance so high that we can't afford it?

Someone making $10 / hour (in my town that's about the average) can't afford to pay $250 / month for his/her own insurance, much less $500 / month for family. Get real...


It just goes to show you that an even knowledgeable person can be downright obnoxious when they have a liberal bias.

The problem with the healthcare plan isn't that we don't want to offer everyone healthcare, but it is more that people should be responsible for their own actions and their own healthcare. People should have the option NOT to participate in healthcare; it shouldn't be run by the government and the unions, it should be instead be run by a competitive market where we DEREGULATE the means of competition. We should have a rule that someone who has had a preexisting condition should have to wait 2 years before they can apply for coverage. If that means needing to claim bankruptcy, than that's what is needed. I want something that's actually constitutional and is not an inhibitor to wealth, such as HSA plans. Hmmm, I think I can budget for my own healthcare costs. The only plan that's acceptable by the Congress is one in which the government has control, not one that has options and where companies compete across state lines. I think regulation is necessary to make sure that a company cannot manipulate the 2 year rule and whereby people can read a master plan contract that they signup for.

I think liberal people mean well, but they don't understand who they are putting in office. The people who run the Congress are probably the most stupid people who have ever roamed the halls. GM was a foregone conclusion because if its really bad balance sheet and it was liberal thinking that crushed the company. Sometimes, it doesn't matter which policy you have, but whether it is responsible or irresponsible.

Liberals think that they do best by RAISING taxes, but conservatives seek at opportunities for raising revenue through marginal tax increases and broad-based tax-decreases. For instance, a conservative might say, I got a plot of 25 acres of land that can be developed. The lot is currently abandoned and we need to bulldoze the area. The conservative won't give the company money to build or won't build for them, but may say, hey, I can cut your property taxes by 70% if you build here knowing that will be money coming into the town's profits even though it would technically be a loss in terms of revenue, it is a smaller loss than leaving them abandoned.

I think liberals need to pick people more like JFK and people that are responsible for the country. We need leaders, on both sides, that are fiscally intelligent and who really look at how tax increases result in reduced tax revenues and fewer jobs.


I add that unions are not what they used to be; they don't look out for the little guy anymore and have long ceased their usefulness.

Also, I want to add that if the healthcare bill doesn't pass, all we can do is blame those who should have been responsible and willing to negotiate and those are the Democrats.

Lastly, to answer Bob Brinker's question, I'd raise Fed Funds to 2% in the current term and if the economy really started to turn around, only then would I raise it to 3.75% to 4.25% such as in 2012.


I wonder if Bush would have tried or attempted to pass some type of health care bill, instead of taking vacations, would Republicans have opened their arms to it. Let's try to do everything we can to not make it work!!! Forget about us middle class folks that were layed off and can't afford cobra rates. THE SAME PEOPLE YOU MEET GOING UP ARE THE SAME PEOPLE YOU'RE GOING TO MEET GOING DOWN!!!


Michael, Thank you for taking the time to read analysis and report your findings.

@ Jane.
This is not a partisan issue. Continue to blame Bush all you want. His actions were based upon policies made by the previous administration and so on. Someone has to take control over this issue and it is our responsibility as the American populous to keep accountable the representatives we put into office. It is your country and your freedoms at stake.


This is all overtaken by events by I have to respond to the total drivel in your post.

I read House Bill 3200 as well and, unless they've changed the meaning of the English language when I wasn't looking, much of what you are saying is total nonsense.

On illegal immigrants - Section 345 contains a requirement that individuals be "lawfully present in a state in the United States" and illegal immigrants are not "lawfully present."

On abortion - What the bill does is require the government-run health plan to abide by whatever law is in place relating to what, if any, abortions may be funded by Federal funds. It places no requirements with respect to abortion on private health care plans nor does it place any restrictions with respect to abortions on private health care plans.

The Hyde Amendment restricts abortions that may be paid for via appropriations to Health and Human Services. Specifically it prohibits the use of Medicaid funds for abortion other than in the case of incest, rape and when the mother’s health is endangered. Section 222(e) of the House bill REQUIRES the Public Health Option (PHO) to support the services allowed by the Hyde Amendment but it does not prohibit the PHO from covering services disallowed by the Hyde Amendment.

Section 222(e) clearly prohibits the Health Benefits Advisory Committee (HBAC) from recommending ANY abortion service, including those that may be legally funded by Federal funds, and prohibits ANY abortion service as being required for a Qualified Health Benefit Plan (QHBP).

And by the way, the HBAC would NOT be federal bureaucrats but rather an expert advisory council that got per diem only (see section 223(c)).

I also see no provision for the rationing of health care for senior citizens or anyone else. Please provide citations as I have above.

As to whether the "Public Option" would have driven private insurance companies out of business, you cannot have it both ways sir. You cannot declare one day that government is so incompetent it would destroy health care if it got involved and the next day declare the "Public Option" provided by government would would be so good that it would drive private insurance companies out of business.

I could go on and on, but what's the point. The rising cost of health care is driving the federal deficit; the federal deficit is driving the federal debt and the federal debt, if we don't get it under control, will be the death of us.


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Read most of all of these comments and I agree with Michael Connelly's treatise on the Constitutional non-justification of HB3200 OR any of it's morphs.
But none of these comments and discussions can refute that pretty much whatever Big Bro touches he defiles. Pure logic explains that middle-men raise the cost of the product/service being marketed.


Mr. Connelly,

While I appreciate the effort you took to read and reinterpret the house bill, I am deeply disappointed in the result of your "analysis". A more convincing post would have been a point-by-point commentary with references to specific sections and perhaps guides to other research and interpretations of the language in the bill. Nearly all of what you state sounds like a regurgitation of the latest Glen Beck or Rush Limbaugh episode. It is clear your mentality is still entrenched in the cold-war ideology, mired in the fear and suspicion that generation bred. It's not the 80's any more. Welcome to the new century.

While I don't think government can do everything, it should do what it can to help, particularly when progress is stagnating in certain sectors of our society. That is why we elect our officials... for them to lead.

To those who constantly denigrate and insult our government officials, elected and appointed, and view them with disdain and suspicion I ask: do you actually know any of them personally? Could you do any better? They are real human beings, just like you and me, the vast majority of them are trying to do a good job when the go to work every day, just like you and me. And in most cases the job is complicated and difficult. They have families, the want to do the right thing, they are proud of America, just like us. And I believe that Barack Hussien Obama, is one of them. One of us. To heap all of your irrational fears and anger onto one man or one administration is... well... irrational. Stop the fear. Stop the hate.

I will conclude by saying we ("progressives") are more than willing to do the heavy lifting to bring us kicking and screaming into the twenty-first century, for those too weak or frightened to do so. All we ask is that they please stop all the whining. It is very distracting.


"It is clear your mentality is still entrenched in the cold-war ideology, mired in the fear and suspicion that generation bred. It's not the 80's any more. Welcome to the new century."

So you're saying that it is ok to to use veiled name calling and to insult anyone who disagrees with your view, but nobody should go and criticize the progressives or their agenda? Instead of offering logical well thought out points of rebuttal (as you suggested in your post), you offer only emotional plea and rhetoric. Such a common theme from that side...


To Brian, #257; I disagree with your characterization of our elected officials. Looking at major cities and Congress in general, I see many people who enter government for it's life-style.

You are mistaken if you think most of these people are in it because they just want to help us all. In some cases they want to force feed every man women and child a new way of life; a life with a new constitution. Yes, it's those pesky Progressives again. They also love the recognition, the power, the status and in some cases the money and benefits.

You may ask what is wrong with that? Well, I guess we need to go back to the original constitution; the one that should be the country's backbone, forever. It is specific about limited government and the need to step aside after a reasonable amount of time serving the people. The Progressives have been saying that people in business need to step aside and let those who are not making our decisions, start. I say that applies to our politicians, as well.....all of them!!


Thank you.


To the people who are reading this post thinking that it is still relevant, and that it accurately depicts the healthcare reform that the House passed on November 7th, 2009, you are mistaken. I have not read HR 3200, because there's no reason to. The House passed HR 3962- that I did read. Any discussion on what health care reform would have looked like if it had passed should be based on the actual bills that would have been conferenced, and HR 3962 looks nothing like the "analysis" of HR 3200. HR 3962 included extremely strick language preventing any federal money going towards abortions, it included a public option that would have covered roughly 10% of Americans (hardly a government takeover) would've raised taxes ONLY only individuals making $500,000 a year and families making a million, and included language that banned any federal subsidies goign towards illegal immigrants. The only people who would be fined would be those who refused to buy health insurance, with a hardship exemption for the poorest americans and subsidies granted to individuals making up to 40k and couples making up to 58K (based on the most recent poverty levels). This bill did nothing but help the average non-millionaire american and would have been either defecit nuetral or pretty darn close to it over ten years. That is has been effectively killed due to massive misinformation campaigns is down right sad.


if this bill is just about health care, why is it so long? think about it


Mr. Connelly thanks for taking the time and trying to keep America informed with another view point. I'm not a fan of saying that the Gov't can do a better job than the private sector.


The actual quote came from President Gerald R. Ford and is, "A government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take from you everything you have.” and he said it while addressing a joint session of Congress.



Thank you for looking at this. I am sure that people want to argue that this bill has been amended, but the fact is that you can see the intent of those who are proposing it. Thats the point.

Just because some shrewd lawyer violated the 10th ammendment, doesnt make it right to do so now. In fact, your pledge to protect the Constitution should in fact cause you to do so...and to fight against any breaches of it.......if not, what exactly are you swearing to? Why not say " I promise to solomly edit the Constitution to fit my political goals and objectives, to make it mean what I want it too. I will use it to destroy it" Two wrongs dont make a right.....and intentions of wrong by people in leadership....well...I say we freaking fire em! The Founding Fathers would be all over this!! Some of them crying "Treason!"
Plead ignorance if you want, or point the finger....you still deserve the shaft. Your supposed to know, and care, and fight for what is right.....right makes might....Our Christian Founding Fathers knew what was right....it why we are great.....and if we dont remember, just why we wont be so great for long.

If your a real democracy, why not count the Founding Fathers votes on this? The Democracy of the Right....and the real Might. I know why, because the God that we trusted is against what you propose!

A right to abort?, to steal form other hard workers?

Give me a break.

Mr Connelly.....Thanks for saying something..I hope it gets all over the country.



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I am suspicious of any 'opinion, (and yes, Mr Connelly it is only your opinion) where the author frequently uses partisan language in it like "the far Left". It immediately sends up Red Flags of warning.

Since I have read other opinions from constitutional scholars that do not share your 'opinion' I am happy to leave the question of constitutionality up to the USSC. Who are, as you know, the only important opinion on legislation. According to the constitution, anyway.

For another opinion from a constitutional scholar go here:


It's not as 'cut n dried' as you make it sound, Sir.


If citizens were actually teaching their children the Constitution and its history, then school children would be able to stop Obamacare dead in its tracks by arguing the following.

Given that the federal Constitution is silent about public healthcare, the 10th Amendment automatically reserves government power to regulate healthcare to the states, not the Oval Office and Congress. In fact, the USSC has already decided that Congress cannot practice medicine.

“Direct control of medical practice in the states is obviously beyond the power of Congress.” –-Linder v. United States, 1925. http://supreme.justia.com/us/268/5/case.html

And not only is regulating healthcare beyond the power of Congress, but Chief Justice Marshall had established the following case precedent, now wrongly ignored, which appropriately prohibits Congress from laying taxes in the name of state power issues.

"Congress is not empowered to tax for those purposes which are within the exclusive province of the States." --Chief Justice Marshall, GIBBONS V. OGDEN, 1824. http://supreme.justia.com/us/22/1/case.html

So not only is Obamacare constitutionally unauthorized, but based on Justice Marshall's official words, Congress never had the power to lay taxes to finance Obamacare. (Did you hear that bankrupt California?)

If Obama, Reid and Pelosi were to actually uphold their hypocritical oaths to defend the Constitution, they would do the following as required by Article V. Article V requires Congress to propose an amendment to the states which would give Congress the power it want to regulate healthcare. But the states can always choose not to ratify such an amendment in which case Congress remains powerless to regulate and lay taxes for healthcare.

The bottom line is that voters have a big mess to clean up in DC for this year's midterm elections.


Thanks for your work on this.


Thanks for posting this. I realize this is a bit old and HR3200 is now a part of the Senate Bill, HR3590 I think, so some of the wording may have changed. Like you I am very concerned about the constitutionality of this bill and particularly, the mandate to buy insurance. I have been writing and calling my representatives in the house and senate trying to get them to justify the constitutionality of this bill to no avail! When this passes, and I believe it will pass, how can we stop it? How long will it take before we can mount a challenge and will that challenge be able to throw out the whole bill or only parts?


First off this is not a health care bill, it's a sick care bill. Because insurance companies are in the business of insurance. Not in the business of helping people stay healthy.. Second, I find it interesting that Mr. Connelly readily accepts his government insurance. He doesn't seem to feel that the government is socialistic when it comes to them paying out his insurance. Why don't we all get the same coverage as Congressmen and women get? Because we really would be bankrupt from all the perks our "elected" officials get.
Secondly, I agree that forcing everyone to buy insurance goes against my grain. No where in the constitution, does it force us (except for taxes) to pay for insurance.
Thirdly, Mr. Connelly's point about government making decisions on your health care. Insurance companies do such a great job of making decisions in favor of their subscribers(NOT!)
Fourth point. why in the world do we have to have insurance companies have the power they do over this country? Because they lobbied successfully and now are in the pockets of certain powerful individuals in Congress, just as the lawyers have their lobbyists and money in the pockets of other members of Congress. Simply put, the whole system is wrought with corruption.
I really wish the Congressmen and women would wear their corporate sponsor shirts on so we at least would know who is sponsoring who.
Which brings me to why we are all hearing these pundits and their phrases. These are merely statements (including Mr. Connelly's) being bought and paid for.
All people in Congress want is to remain in their seats of power and win the next election so they can feed their pockets.
It is time for the American people to take back our government.
Vote out, in every election, the incumbents until you are satisfied with their job. Right now very few Congressmen and women are for main street. They are for filling their pockets with money and power.
Also, start a petition going in each and every state, to put it on the ballot next Nov. We The People want the corporations who find so much money that they can pay their CEO's, can now pay for a year of taxes to the government, and every citizen get a year off of not paying any tax.


You either have reading difficulties or you are a liar or both.


Thank you for your work. May GOD be with us all. I think Americans will eventually overcome and we will not be so quick to vote A Socialist Regime in to Power Again. God Bless you.


Today, my teacher handed out your blog, and I am grateful! I have written my Senator in hopes that such an awful thing never has to be implemented in our country! I also think that NOTHING should pass until we finally see Obama's birth certificate! Everyone is putting their freedom in a man's hand that shouldn't even be our President. What is wrong with us? This awful man is no better than Hitler! If this Bill passes, I will not be suprised when the Concetration Camps start popping up all over our country!
Oh, and another thing....why in the world is it necessary that our President gets paid over 1/2 million dollars a year? Why does the VP get over 1/4 million dollars a year? How much are all these other Congressmen getting paid? Why don't they just take a pay cut and put some of that money that they really don't need back into our country....maybe that's all we truly need!
Obama: Keep it Simple Stupid!


I would have totally appreciated parts of the health care bill, as it now stands, to be copied and put in an email. This way no one could rebuke the truth. If the copies had the official page numbers, or whatever it would take to be sure this was a TRUE page from the actual bill that is to be signed, and not the fiction that so many of the emails contain. Also, if this bill is so wonderful why has it taken almost a year to convince all the senators and house to agree on it? If in fact, it is WONDERFUL why wouldn't they be stepping over each other to get it signed?



An addendum to my previous comment!

If in fact, the bill is so wonderful, WHY wouldn't all the Senators and House/President and family be anxious to sign up for the EXACT coverage that they want the American public to sign up for. I am totally willing to sign up for ANYTHING that ALL the politicians in D.C. and their families sign up for too.


Mr. Connelly,
Thank you for your efforts to inform the public and put the truth out on these critical issues. The criminals now in charge of the White House and Congress need to know they are not "getting away" with their evil plans unnoticed. The American public is more informed than they know.
The truth will win out in the end and we can vote out all the bums. I can't wait until election!


To those of you who think this "Health Care Reform Bill" otherwise known as H.R. 3200 is the best thing since sliced bread. You have the right to your opinion (I fought and was wounded for that right). I have read the "Bill", and I suggest that those of you who have not read it to do so. No one likes to be "forced" to do anything. If we, the people, voted on the Bill, it would never pass. It is indeed giving the Executive Branch the power of "life and death" over the people in the United States. That bothers me a considerable amount. I fought for the freedom of choice that is being taken away from the American people by the Bill. I would fight for the freedom of choice granted to us by the Constitution again if called upon to do so. As to being able to "vote out all the bums", what makes you think that the American people will have the right to vote? Obama can take that away from us with the stroke of a pen and it does not have to be voted upon by anyone. Hopefully, that will not happen. If it does, I am personally seceding from the Union. The Constitution has been trashed. We are between a rock and hard place. We cannot tell our elected representatives anything because they feel they know what is best for the people that elected them. I feel the answer will inevitably lead to REBELLION. It won't be pretty but I feel it will happen. For those who have not read the Bill and are waiting for the Bill to be passed to do so, it will be too late. Read the bill and decide for yourself.


I appreciate all you have done to bring light on this bill which is a satanious visitation upon the American people. The reason Democrats take so much time in
preparing explanations and defending this monstrosity is to justify in their own minds that it is the right thing to do. When, in fact, they know in their hearts that it is not. I pray God to have mercy on the American people and spare them the anguish such a bill will ultimately create.


I welcome a government takeover of healthcare. I worked in that industry for nearly a decade and it's a mess. Germany, France, the UK and Canada (all places where I have friends and/or relatives) all have much better healthcare and it's included in our taxes. If I told you what really goes on in healthcare with your "sterile surgical instruments," your "trained" healthcare providers, etc., you'd never go to the dr. again.

BTW I'm pro abortion. Oh yes I am. Through and through. I don't care who you are, if you want one, you should be entitled. Go ahead and call me a baby killer.

I don't believe in religion. An invisible man in the sky? Come on! But if you want to believe in him, more power to you. Just don't tell me to live by your religious doctrine decreed by something I don't believe in. America gives me that right.

I support gay rights. I'm not gay. But they pay taxes and deserve to live as they want. Most people who are against them, as I've seen, are scared of their own closeted feelings.

I'm anti war. I'm as eco-friendly as it gets. I think Bush was a jackass, Cheney is the devil and both of them should have been hung in the public square.

Pissed off? I'm not done yet. Open your minds, conservatives and read on.

I'm against illegal immigrants getting free healthcare.

WHAT? A liberal who doesn't agree with that?

That's right. In my 10 years in healthcare, I saw the huge drain on our taxes it causes, not to mention the lawsuits and b.s. we had to put up with from people who weren't paying and were here illegally in the first place.

Want another shocker? I think Obama is a lying cheerleader and a moron who couldn't create jobs if his life depended on it. I can't think of the last time we had a good President in my lifetime. If you say Reagan, I might have to put you in line. He was another ignorant, evil, senile old b/astard whose anorexic crazy astrology loving wife was running things into the ground for average people.

Here's the finale. Did you wait for it? I'M COMPLETELY AGAINST THIS HEALTHCARE PLAN. It's a lie. It's a handout to Big Pharma. and the insurance companies.

So while we disagree on many of the issues, we agree on that one. You don't think I'm entitled to my opinion (babykiller and all that in your minds), but I still think you're entitled to your opinion. THAT is what America is about.

Obama is the big lie. He's another cheerleader, just like Bush was. This one's pimping bogus heathcare, just like yours pimped a bogus war.

Wake up America and demand our leaders do what's right, not what's best for the corporatocracy. More than anything, it's time for the people to stop fighting each other and fight the real evil - corrupt politicians.

BTW, I won't read or respond to hate filled replies. I don't care what you think. I just wanted you to know that not all fully liberal people buy the healthcare b.s.


AJ i have to tell you that im going to pray for you. you know when u think of pro life it is to protect children while pro-choice is very debatable becuase it desiding to take a life or not. If some of you people have not noticed pro-life is to save children while pro-choice has the decision of taking life and killing a child. pro-life is not so debatable and has better intentions. By the way health care is all about the democrats keeping their power and if even though the bill is bad its worst for the democrats if they do nothing.its all about keep democrats their power in washington.


I was fascinated by your analysis. But I still have one question that no one has answered. What happens to the Penalty Money that will be collected via tax returns? I also scanned through the bill and apparently did not dig deep enough to find it. Does that money go back into providing health care? Reduce the deficit???

Also, I believe that this is just the first step toward a single-payer system which is what the Democrats actually want to begin with. They are making steps toward that in my opinion.

Lastly, if the Democrats lose power in November 2010, is there anyway that this bill or portions of it can be repealed? I've heard of Reid's insertion of wording that would supposedly stop a portion of this bill from ever being repealed.

I would appreciate your thoughts.
Thank you.


Sarah Katz has obviously never lived outside of the United States. My employees that hail from Spain, England and Russia all say the same thing "We've seen this movie before and we know how it ends". They all wound up having to leave their homes and beat a path to America's shores - not only because the health care in their socialist worlds, was abysmal, but quality of life as well. People are not free in these nations. They live under the oppressive weight of a government of crooks and bureaucrats who make their decisions for them and who macro and micro manage their finances and affairs through rigorous laws and onerous taxes. Asked why she no longer lived in Spain, though she misses her family every day, our Spanish employee lamented the same complaint we hear from everyone; "There are no jobs". Patrick Henry never said, 'Give me liberty or give me a hospital bed'. Though I am a single mom and have no health insurance for my son and myself, I echo Henry's sentiments "give me liberty or give me death'. I'd rather live unwell and free than 100 years in chains.
God help us all to defeat this hellish advance toward a godless socialism that has erased already from the face of the earth, the Europe that once was.


AJ...aren't you lucky someone didn't come along and yank you out of your mother's womb, and toss you into a refuse container and thrown away? If that would've happened you wouldn't be around to make silly comments on the internet. What a shame that would have been, huh?

And will someone remove that offensive SPAM about the Turkey Fryer please?


For those of you that think this man is a G.D. LIER . Do you feel stupid now about abortion not in the bill.


The thing about abortion is not rather it is right or wrong, it's about our children and people we love. Everyone makes wrong choices in our live time. It would be nice to know that there is a clean, medically know health professional there to help whomever. Not some back door, back ally pretend Doctor to do more harm or even kill the girl. Then run, and never to be seen or heard of again person. Killing someone or a baby is not right, but wouldn't it be nice that if someone you loved that made a bad decision, had a nice clean place to have it done with doctors who know what they are doing! People do not always make wise decisions when they are scared. We all have a little thing called freedom of choice.


Oh Candy...
My taxpayer dollars should never be used toward assisting what you yourself say is a "wrong choice." By that logic, I should also leave my keys in the ignition at night so the person who steals my car doesn't electrocute himself when he hot wires it.

Our mistakes, and I've made plenty, have consequences. And if you find yourself pregnant, the consequence is to carry the new life to term and know that there are so many women out there who would love to have children, but can't, and can provide that baby with the love and future he or she deserves.


Thanks for your diligence in exposing this debacle Mr Connelly.
I pray it is not too late for Real Americans to unite and dis allow this farce.
May God Help Us/Strengthen Us!


Mr Connelly: This law is a direct usurpation of the States sovereignty. The states actively regulate the insurance industry in each state at this time. One of the complaints about health insurance is that you can not buy insurance across State lines. So it seems to me that the Federal government is trying to regulate intrastate commerce by mandating only federally approved insurance products be sold in the individual states. I certainly hope that the SCOTUS recognizes these Constitutional issues and voids this piece of poor legislation.


Spreading Lies. While the I am a fiscal conservative concerned about human rights. This bill really isn't too shabby in the short term, although it may bankrupt us in the long term.


Thank you for your research on this. I am curious. There are those that favor this power grab as within the limits on the legislative branch due to the commerce clause. If I'm not mistaken, one of the big issues with health insurance is that interstate commerce is NOT allowed and that companies are forces to conduct business intra-state. That being the case, wouldn't this be a violation of the 10th amendment?
I think that the biggest issue here, though, isn't even the legality of this expansion of power from D.C., but the way it was done. The public was NOT behind it. The normal required majority of our representatives were not behind it. They dug up every loophole and archaic procedure they could to side step the checks and balances and violated our founders' intents and purposes. Even if it was legal, it is a slap in the face to the people, the states, and the principles that this country was founded on.


It doesn't matter who is elected President and what he/she says or promises to do. There has been a plan in the works for many years and we have been led to the cliff by our own government.
The NEW WORLD ORDER is just around the corner as we sit and watch the final plans come into play. You will either be on their side or fight. If on their side, be prepared to attach puppett strings as they will control everything in your life. If you fight, be ready to die.


Mr. Connelly, now that the bill has passed what can we do? I believe the bill is against the Constitution and that the Members of the House who voted for it are traitors that did not represent us. What can legally be done to overturn it or have it declared illegal?


At this point WHAT can I do?
“I am only one, but I am one. I can't do everything, but I can do something. The something I ought to do, I can do. And by the grace of God, I will.” This quote by Edward Everett Hale is my son's favorite. He is a patriot and a true defender of the constitution...He tells me to get involved....help save our United States.

Give me some direction if you can....I would like to do something to help "turn the tide"


Dear Candy: You seem like a very loving person. I would ask you to research the stats about women who have had an abortion. They are more likely to be depressed, abuse drugs and commit suicide. These are facts. It is far more loving to encourage a young woman to carry the baby to term and then offer her or him up for adoption. It may be more complicated in the short run but infinitely more loving for both mother and child in the long run. Question: When did ''you" become "you"? Answer: At conception.