Time to apologize

President Obama has done it again; hehas apologized on behalf of Americans when no apology by the President was
needed or warranted. The incident involved American military personnel at a
base in Afghanistan being given documents in Arabic and told to dispose of
them. Apparently, the documents included pages from the Muslim Holy book, the
Quran; however, there was nothing to identify them specifically to the soldiers
as such. 

 They had actually been confiscated because the pages contained hand written notes
from Taliban prisoners inside the base who were attempting to use the books to
communicate with each other and their comrades outside of the base. These
people are enemies of Afghanistan and the United States. Once the books were
used to pass illegal communications they ceased to be holy books, but instead
became documents of war defaced by the Muslim prisoners themselves, and burning
them was entirely appropriate. 

 However ,rightly or wrongly, the U.S. Commander for the area issued an apology and that
should have been enough, yet radical Muslims fanned the flames and riots broke
out, and the killing of Americans in retaliation was openly advocated. At this
point any legitimate President of the United States would have stepped up to defend
the men and women who serve us in the military, and demand that the Afghan
government get the riots under control. Of course, that is not what Barack
Obama did.

America’s apologist in chief issued a written apology to the Afghan government and people
and to the Muslim world in general. This apology served only to embolden the
Taliban that rejected it and renewed its calls for the killing of Americans.
Their efforts paid off and American soldiers were killed and wounded as a
result. Once again, Obama’s response to this was not to demand an end to the
riots and murder of American military personnel, but to have the Pentagon issue
yet another apology, this time to the Muslim community in America.

 This is the same President who shortly after he was elected went on his world
apology tour  during which he bowed to
the Muslim King of Saudi Arabia and told Muslims and everyone else he spoke to
how sorry he was for the history of American arrogance and greed when dealing
with the rest of the world. I personally consider that a direct insult to the
men and women of this country who have sacrificed their lives over the years to
defend freedom around the world and the enormous American responses to help
those in need.  

As a result of all of this many people are demanding that Obama stop apologizing,
however, I disagree. He has a lot of apologies to make.

 He can begin by apologizing to the families of the American officers who lost
their lives as a result of the entire made up crisis over the Quran, and he
should explain why he did not backup our military.  He should also be demanding that the Afghan
government apologize to us for failing to maintain control of their own people
who are rioting over this perceived insult.

 Then he should say he is sorry for the military lives that have been lost in order
for him to further his reelection campaign. By setting dates for the withdrawal
of American troops from Afghanistan he encouraged the Taliban to keep fighting.
He also needs to apologize to our soldiers for sending them into combat with
arbitrary rules of engagement that limit their ability to fight effectively and
protect themselves. All of this was done to appease his left wing base.

 He must apologize to the wounded and the families of the men and women who died in
a terrorist attack by a radical Muslim at Fort Hood, Texas. How dare he demean
their loss by having his administration refer to this as an incident of “work
place violence,” rather than the savage act of Islamic terrorism that it was.

 In addition, the President should apologize for and back off from his new
administration proposal that members of the U.S. Armed Services and their
families, as well as veterans, start paying a much larger percentage of their
health care expenses. This not only would violate the contract America made
with these warriors and their families when they signed up to fight for our
country, but is particularly disturbing since no unionized civilian workers who
work for the Department of Defense would have a similar requirement.

These are just a few of the things Obama should apologize to the military for. There
is also a laundry list of apologies he and his appointees owe to the American
people as a whole. For example, he should say he is sorry for:

.Increasing our national debt to a level that will burden our children and grandchildren
for decades.

Pushing through Congress a healthcare bill that is not only destroying the best health
care system in the world, but will force many people to have their premiums for
health care rise while rationing services to much of the population,
particularly senior citizens.

Proposing and getting passed a phony economic stimulus package that not only failed to
create jobs and growth in the economy, but instead used taxpayer dollars to
reward companies and individuals who provided financial support to the Obama
campaign and the Democratic Party. 

Making executive branch appointments of Czars and others without getting the
constitutionally required approval of the U.S. Senate.

Using the power of his office to severely limit domestic energy production and making
us more dependent on unstable foreign sources. This has resulted in the rising
cost of gasoline and home heating oil in the U.S. and the inflationary spiral
in the cost of food and other items.

Ignoring the balance of powers in the Constitution and using Executive Orders and
actions by Executive Branch departments and agencies such as the EPA and FCC to
enforce Cap and Trade, stifle Internet freedom, institute gun control laws, and
grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens. These are all things that Congress
refused to pass and the President has no Constitutional authority to do on his

Launching an all-out assault on the freedom of religion guaranteed in the 1st
Amendment by ordering religious institutions and hospitals to provide
contraceptive and abortion services that violate their religious views.

Trying to institute class warfare in this country in order to guarantee his

Accusing anyone who disagrees with his policies of being racist.

And last, but certainly not least, repeatedly and blatantly
violating his oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution of the
United States.

Of course, there is much more that could be listed here, but it all boils down to one thing
and that is that I owe no apology to the President.  Mr. Obama, you do not speak for me, represent
me, or believe in any of the things that make this country free and great. Come
November, you have to be prepared to pack your bags and move back to wherever
you came from. I will continue to cling to my guns and religion and to the
Constitution that you abhor. This American has had enough!

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Great post, as usual. Right on the target.

Your entry sums up exactly how I feel concerning this administration. He is not my president and his policies and ideals are not American. This man is a carefully groomed plant to destroy our nation. People will say I am wrong about this, but his haughty attitude, disregard for our Constitution and the American people, his hatred of our military, and his socialistic ideas border on treason. How dare anyone ask him anything: where his campaign money comes from, his birth certificate, his Columbia education, his need for czars, executive orders, or his policies. He feels he is above the supreme law of our land and will do all he can to destroy and weaken us in the eyes of the world. Thanks for a good entry.