As another Veteran’s Day approaches I am taking a break from writing about the challenges to our Constitution to offer a personal “Thank You” to those men and women who have defended our Constitution and continue to do so. I have the distinct honor to be a member of a family that has had someone serving in every war that our nation has fought from the Revolution until today. I am a veteran, as was my father who served in WW II, and all four of my sons are either veterans or are currently serving.

            I also have the honor of commanding an American Legion Post in Carrollton, Texas where there are men and women who are veterans of WW II and every war since then. The members of the Post come from many different backgrounds yet they share a bond that few others understand and some even scorn. They are American warriors who took an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States of America and they did so despite all of the obstacles many of them faced both at home and abroad. They have asked for little in return and have often gotten even less. However, they are entitled to respect, if nothing else.

            When I wore the U.S. Army uniform I was spit on and cursed by those who were exercising the very freedoms that I was sworn to defend. I demand more for my sons and all those who have served and are now laying their lives on the line every day. I demand it not only from the American people, but from those politicians who use the lives of our servicemen and women as political pawns to serve their own ambitions. You may “talk the talk” of service to America but the members of our armed services “walk the walk” and they prove it by offering their blood as a sacrifice for their country.

            During the last several months I have had the honor and privilege of attending an American Indian Powwow in Bandera, Texas and a performance by tribe members during Santa Fe Days in Carrollton, Texas. On both occasions I was invited to participate in the “Veteran’s Dance” conducted by the Tribe members. This is open to all American military veterans, regardless of their race or background. As the drums play the honor songs and we dance in the sacred circles of the gatherings I can’t help but be humbled by being considered one of the warriors who has served our nation.

            As I write this my oldest son is preparing to leave for a 12 to 18 month deployment in Afghanistan. He has already served two tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan. My youngest son, who has served over two years of active duty as an MP, is preparing to receive training to fly Blackhawk helicopters for the Army.

            Yet, while we continue to send our bravest and finest to fight and die in foreign lands to protect our freedom we are also seeing them die on our own soil. It is time that we recognize that our brave warriors who died at Fort Hood were killed by one of the same people who has pledged to destroy our way of life. The time for political correctness has ended, we either unite and fight, or we surrender. I have no intention of surrendering. God Bless our men and women in uniform, God Bless our veterans, and God Bless America.

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