Veterans lawsuit against the VA

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                            April 22, 2013

CONTACT: Michael Connelly, Executive Director,

michael@usjfmail.net or (214)731-6280

The United States Justice Foundation (USJF) has filed the first of several lawsuits against the Veterans Administration (VA) involving the VA’s violation of Constitutional rights of veterans guaranteed by the Second and Fifth Amendment.

 The initial lawsuit is to compel the VA to respond to two requests sent to the agency under the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

The information requested included Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) rules, regulations, and criteria for making “determinations of incompetency due to a physical or mental condition of a benefit recipient” and copies of all rules, regulations and criteria used by the VBA to determine that a veteran found incompetent for any reason can be “prohibited from purchasing or possessing a firearm.”

The statutory deadline for the VA to respond has passed so this litigation has become necessary.

Michael Connelly, Executive Director, said, “The USJF has received numerous complaints from military veterans around the country who are being declared incompetent to handle their own financial affairs and then told that they can no longer purchase or own firearms or ammunition. This determination is being made without due process protections for the veterans and the basis for the incompetency ruling is often arbitrary and without a factual or legal basis.”

The suit has been filed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of California. The USJF is also filing additional lawsuits on behalf of individual veterans whose Constitutional rights have been forfeited due to the actions of the VA. Connelly said that “the USJF will not charge the veterans or their families any fees or expenses for its representation. As a veteran myself I know that America’s heroes, many of them recovering from wounds do not need the additional pressure of having to pay to defend their rights.”

The USJF is a nonprofit, public interest, legal action organization, dedicated to instruct, inform, litigate, and educate the public on significant legal issues confronting the United States.

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I was denied the right to own firearms by the VA. I was having some major problems physically while in the US Army, I would drop things out of my hands, and my muscles would fail me, they would just freeze up. Years, before these occurrences, I was involved in an automobile accident that severely injured my cervical and thoracic spine. An In Line of Duty Report was conducted and filed that concluded that I was not in violation and the accident fault was not mine and that I had acted with the best of intentions. Years later, I sought medical treatment within the military system, only to be sent to Mental Health, which started giving me treatment, they did that because there were no diagnostic tools available, they didn't have any MRI's. My problem was physical!


My name is Quancidine Hinson-Gribble and I know first hand how bad the VA is and how the lengths they will go to, to cover-up their mess. Now that the Panama Papers have come out a lot of people associated with stealing our benefits and re-routing our money are getting ready to be picked by the FEDS. I have been vigilant in writing letters, posting updates and finally getting to the bottom of how this "CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE" is being run. If you haven't already seen some of the horror stories then you need to go to: www.disabledveterans.org
#canyouhearmenow #QuancidineForPresident


I lost my job over three years ago due to disability and filed for a hardship with the Va. Everything went bad ended up filing for Bankruptcy and lost just about everything. The VA send me a bill for a few thousand dollars saying now that I filed Bankruptcy I have money again and can pay for my services. have never been screwed over by anybody in my whole life as much as the VA has.


I called to va to ask when i could here about the unemployability they informed me that i would have to re apply again and the probability of having it backdate is very slim and i would have to start all over again this will be the 3rd time but i need to wait for the appeal board decision , the decision was made 2 months ago and still awaiting a response boy the really know how to torture, terrorize and cause mental anguish plus psychological abuse for me and my family

I have applied for comp with the va since 1991 they have denied comp so I keep applying and they they deny I appeal and the said that I would have to go Washington, D.C. For the appeal at my own cost I had no money so they would deny the appeal so I would have to start all over again this has been going on since 1991 the va hospital refused to treat me for medical problems when I told them from day one I had to pay for sinus surgery, 2 knee surgeries, gall bladder and arm surgery because va would not treat me.
Aug 2015 2nd surgery va refused cost for this surgery est 20,000
Back in April 2014 I hurt my right knee, I could barely walk so I went to the. Dr in Redfield. Iowa because my knee swelled so big and just able to drive home with my 14 year old daughter helping me. The following Monday I had an appointment at the va at 830am so I hoppeled to the er they told me to go to my appointment then return to the er this was around 745am I hoppled to my mental health appointment and got there just in time for my appointment then I returned to the er by 1000am I think the er nurse took my blood pressure and temp then told me to go to the clinic then after sitting there for a couple 3 hours the nurse came out and said the dr was to busy for me take 2 aspirins put ice on my knee and go to physical theraphy so I went physical theraphy and they told me that they where to busy to make an appointment so I hoppled back to my car and then came home and called them to get X-rays of my knee which I have been complaining to the va since 1991 at the Dallas county hospital the X-ray tech asked me about the metal in my leg which I had no idea was there. Dallas county set up an appointment with capital ortho where dr fish recommended surgery and 2weeks or so had surgey to fix my knee and in reviewing the X-rays from the va the metal shows up, there has never been surgery on either knees until 2014 the metal in my leg is from the gulf war and is a combat injury and the va refuses to award comp for that or ibs, diverticulitis, gall badder that the wanted to remove to cover up the ibs, diverticulitis, the problem is still here and worst and the va refuses treatment I have va docs to prove this the va RO cheats and make false statement and cheat veterans out of comp and unemployility on a quota make themselves look good while refusing to award comp and health and the RO play God all of my medical problems are from the gulf war I had a clean bill of health prior please check my records
Marty Alexander


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