Our Constitution

"OurConsttution" is a pocket size copy of the U.S. Constitution and Amedments with detailed explanations about the meaning of each section and amendment.

"Our Constitution" is a pocket size booklet I have prepared that reprints each section of the original Constitution and the Amendments and describes how it has been changed by amendments. I also add my comments so everyone can understand what each section and amendment was designed to do. Here is a quote from the comment section on the First Aendment:

Freedom of religion:

"First, it must first be pointed out that the clause in the First Amendment concerning freedom of religion does not contain the language that there shall be a “separation of church and state.” Many people mistakenly believe that that phrase is in the Constitution, when, in fact, it is not. That statement was actually made by President Thomas Jefferson in response to a letter written to him by members of a church that was involved in an internal dispute. They asked the then President of the United States to intervene, and to settle the dispute. He declined, on the basis that the federal government was not empowered to take such action. However, the phrase has been used for years as a justification for removing any reference to religion or God from the public sector."

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51-100 copies      $5.25 each

Over 100 copies  $5.00 each


For multiple copy orders add 4% to the total amount of the order to help cover shipping and handling charges. Checks for orders should be made out to the Constitutional Law Alliance and mailed to the corporate office, P.O Box 1266, Canton, TX 75103. For the time being , if you want to order through the paypal account use the donation button, and send a separate email to us at mconnelly@constitutionallawalliance.org informing us that it is for a booklet order and give us the number of booklets you are ordering and the mailing address.