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July 31, 2013

Isn’t it ironic that we have a phony President of the United States complaining about the “phony scandals” he claims were created by those who dare to oppose him and his dictatorial regime? There is nothing phony about the death of Border Patrol officer Brian Terry as a result of the Fast and Furious scandal and there is certainly nothing phony about the massacre of Ambassador Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods, and Glen Doherty by Islamist terrorists in Benghazi.

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June 11, 2013


It seems that the scandals just keep on coming. First, Americans are abandoned to die in a terrorist attack in Benghazi and the American people are lied to about the attack by the President and members of his cabinet. All of the facts are still unknown and the cover up continues.

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February 6, 2013

The Middle East is in chaos with war imminent and terrorists are emboldened by the weakness of our President who has a foreign policy that consists of apology and appeasement. As a result, Americans both at home and abroad are in greater danger than ever. Iran will soon have a nuclear weapon and North Korea will have the capacity to deliver its own nuclear weapons to the west coast of the United States.

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January 6, 2013

It’s time for a reality check. The election is over and according to the results the majority of the people residing in this country voted to abolish our Republican form of government and trash the Constitution. They voted for virtually unlimited government, redistribution of wealth through higher taxes, limits on individual liberties, and out of control spending and debt. They voted to end the free market economic system, and place an unmanageable burden on their own children and grandchildren so they can collect their free stuff now.


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November 29, 2012

The English version of the Russian newspaper Pravda, that once was the voice of the Soviet Communist Party, has run an editorial saying essentially that the in reelecting Obama, America has put someone back in office who is pushing the Communist Manifesto on us without calling it what it is.


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November 7, 2012

I have repeatedly stated in speeches and on my radio show that many Americans are woefully unaware of what the Constitution says, and that means that if they don’t know how our government works and what rights they have then they won’t recognize what they are losing until it is too late. Unfortunately, yesterday’s election proved me right.


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Constitution Day

September 17, 2012


Today, September 17, 2012 marks the 225th anniversary of the signing of the Constitution of the United States of America. Congress has passed a resolution mandating this date as “Constitution and Citizenship Day” and calling on the people of the United States to celebrate the anniversary and learn more about the Constitution.


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November 29, 2011

            Some people seem to be forgetting that it is “our Constitution.” It belongs to the American people.

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October 24, 2011

           They bill themselves as the Occupy Wall Street movement, and they claim to be a new wave of outraged Americans. Yet, in my view there is nothing new about them. They are camping out in public places in various locations around the country smoking dope, singing protest songs, screaming obs…

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July 5, 2011

As I celebrated Independence Day 2011 an incredibly depressing thought occurred to me; could this be the last time we celebrate the Fourth of July? In 1776 a Declaration of Independence was adopted by our founding fathers that separated us from the tyrannical rule of the British monarchy. Eleven yea…

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October 1, 2010

           With the 2010 midterm election almost on us it is important that we reflect on what is really at stake. If the so-called Progressives remain in control of Congress, Obama will be able to continue with his socialist agenda to “fundamentally change America.” By 2012 our country and our free…

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An Open Letter

August 27, 2010

An Open Letter to My Fellow Americans:

            It seems that every two years the politicians from both the Republican and Democrat parties declare that the upcoming election will be a defining moment for America. Yet, until now, I have never believed that. However, the elections that will take p…

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March 31, 2010

          When I first read the original health care reform bill, HR 3200, it was akin to trying to cross a minefield in combat. The bill was a mishmash of confusing sections that established a massive Federal government takeover of the health care system in the United States. However, reading the v…

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February 15, 2010

As we wait for the Obama Administration and the Democratic leadership in Congress to make their next moves to force unconstitutional legislation like “Health Care Reform” and “Cap and Trade” down the throats of Americans there are other battles dealing with our Constitutional liberties that need to …

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The Fight is Just Beginning

January 27, 2010

          The battle has been joined and it has started again in its original point of origin, the great State of Massachusetts. Another shot has been fired that has been heard around the World, but this time it was not a musket shot at Lexington, Massachusetts, but it came from the ballot boxes in …

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November 2, 2009

When I first read HR 3200 in its entirety several months ago I was appalled at the blatant disregard in the bill of the basic tenets of our Constitutional form of government. However, I underestimated what is actually being done to us. The newest version of HR 3200 that has been labeled the Pelosi B…

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More About the Health Care Bills

August 21, 2009



How many times have we watched a movie about World War II and looked at the scene where a menacing Nazi soldier has stopped a citizen of an occupied country or even a German citizen and demanded to see the person’s “identity papers.” Failure to produce such papers…

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